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This is where you can create your ad. So long as you have already taken the time to take pictures of your item for sale then your ad is just a few minutes away from being published.

Boosted Ads

At the bottom of this page (once you have selected a category for your item) you will have the option to boost your ad for a small fee or choose to run it as a free ad. Boosted ads are a different colour to free ads and are stickied to the top of the main index page. They also appear in the sidebar ‘Recent Boosted Ads’ widget. Free ads are visible for 14 days after which you can choose to relist and/or boost them.

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After you have previewed your ad you will be given the option to list it. If you have chosen to boost your ad you will be first be taken to our checkout to complete your boost payment. Once you have checked out your ad will be published.