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by unclesomebody
Published: 10th December 2020 (4 months ago)
Will post in UK

I made up a custom set of M9000 levers (non-servowave) with M9020 calipers because I wanted the perfect mix of power and modulation. They worked great tbh.


Then I had a crash and damaged the lever body on the left lever (see photo). It is still functional but I wouldn’t expect it to remain functional for ever as it’s chipped on the area which holds in the circlip and washer for the piston. I think the future buyer should factor in a new lever at some point. The rest of the damaged lever is fine and that means you’ll have a spare carbon blade for when you inevitably snap one.

I’ve just put on a new rear brake hose (BH90) which is 1650mm long (I lost 5cm due to inserting a bar incorrectly the first time). The front hose is 800mm.

One caliper is shown without pads. I’m sure I have a new set of uberbike pads which I can find and chuck in too.

The brakes need bleeding as they currently have no oil in them as I disassembled the whole set when removing from my previous bike. I’ll include an extra olive and barb if you need to shorten the rear hose.

Collection welcome in Edinburgh or Tweed Valley.

This Ad has been marked as 'sold' and is no longer available to purchase.

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