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by cjr61
Published: 13th January 2021 (1 week ago)
Will post in UK

This was originally bought from STW about 4-5 years ago.  Lovely steel frame and has done everything from XC, Trail centre, gravel, road, monster cross, and baby carrier.

Lots of pics:


XL Pace RC129 (the 1st iteration with XC geo, rather than the newer gnar LLS).  Pearly white colour.

  • Singular swift forks resprayed flat black. Steerer straight 1&1/8, 185-190mm
  • On One Carbon Knuckleball Chewy bars,
  • Lizard skins Peaty grips,
  • Sunline stem 80mm
  • XT 785 brakes,
  • Truvativ Noir carbon cranks and oval 34T ring (Also have 42T i used for SS available)
  • Seatclamp
  • Unbranded seat post

You’ll need wheels, rotors, tyres and a saddle and off you go!

Lovely Reynolds 853 steel frame and highly regarded Singular forks. Geo below. Currently with 1 deg slackset installed.

A) Top Tube (effective) 620

B) Seat Tube (frame size) 470

C) Head Tube 111

D) Chainstay* (adjustable) 443

E) Head Tube Angle 71.5 (now 70.5)

F) Seat Tube Angle 73.5

G) Standover Height** 81.8

H) BB Drop 63

Good working order (been using it as a baby carrier SS and previously SS XC, geared XC and Monstercross drop…both without any issues)

…..but had a crack in the seat tube expansion slot as the clever designer from Pace put the slot on the side???! Been professionally repaired (Winston Vaz at ) and sadly it went again.

I could have got it repaired and Winston recommended just a full collar and new slot, but I got distracted and just drilled the end of the crack and not propagated as a short term fix that has ended up as a long term fix! I’ve ridden it XC and more recently baby carrying duty… little one no longer little and is on her own balance bike. It’s a great frame.

Also a number of paint chips that have been touched up with colour correct (from Pace) yet looks different. And a tiny handlebar dink on the top tube under where the Pace sticker once sat. Can feel it with your finger but a sod to photograph! I’ve had a STW typical sticker over it and completely forgot it was there. Can supply stickers.

Rides great. Beautiful frame. If I had the time I’d repair, respect and enjoy.

£350 posted for the above or will split.



This Ad has been marked as 'sold' and is no longer available to purchase.

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    I keep staring at this, though I was holding out for a short travel xc 29er, I’m very tempted just to go back to riding bikes from 10-15 years ago as they seem to suit my riding style (i.e. mincer).
    How tall are you?
    how long have you been riding it with the crack as it is?

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