by ThurmanMerman
Published: 25th November 2021 (4 days ago)
Will post in UK

Needn’t be anything fancy. Just need to something to hack about on in an urban setting:

Must haves:
Large frame (to suit a six-footer+), non-drop bars, 700c/29er wheels, working gears.

What’s out there?




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    I’ve got an xl marin muirwoods. About 3 years old but has spent most of that sat in the garage attached to a turbo trainer and being used as a clothes horse. So in very good condition. Has Shimano drive train and brakes (hydraulic). Lime green frame so visible in the dark and less attractive to scrotes! 4130 steel frame for longevity and steel is real comfort.

    Going rate new seems to be between 750 and 800. Was thinking of listing for 400 but would take 350 posted if you’re interested.


    Hi Ben,

    It’s a bit high-end for the kinda usage it’s going to get, but I’d be interested in seeing some pics if possible.



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