by fids
Published: 12th February 2021 (2 months ago)
Will post in UK

I need a 2015-2016 man pivot rocker link for my remedy 29er any condition other than cracked will suffice.

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    You can probably still get them new from Trek- had a wee look and a few places in teh UK list it but it seems like the UK/EU warehouse doesn’t have it. Bike24 might still have them in stock but they won’t ship here since brexit…

    If you find a cheap frame I might be interested in splitting it for bits

    Thanks, already done a lot of research on the availability, Trek have a rough date of June but that’s a guess, Bike 24 wont ship to UK. All privately advertised stuff isn’t suitable. If anyone has an old frame with knackered stays or main frame let me know.


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