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by whatmot1
Published: 8th October 2022 (4 months ago)
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I’ve always wondered how people accumulate so much stuff, however, I appear to be in that position now. I’m sure I’ll also regret letting some of this gear go too. Some of the items include postage (RM 2nd class), others I’ll need to check due to their size. Payment is Paypal gift, or you cover the fees, or bank transfer. If you want anymore photos, give me a shout. Also, I work away Tues-Thursday so if you want any extra photos/info/or your item posted ASAP, I’m afraid, it’ll have to wait until Thursday evening/Friday daytime. Anyway, here goes:

  1. Dakine Slayer knee pads in size medium. Brought for my partner to wear however I should have gone for a large. These use Dakine’s version of D3O, although she has never properly tested them out. These are the previous version (that’s currently being sold) with the opening behind the knee. £25 incl P&P
  2. Maxxis Forekaster and Rekon 29×2.6. I ran these as my ‘down country’ tyres on my FS, but I’ve gone full XC now with a pair of Hunt wheels so these are now surplus. Both tyres still have loads of tread, probably about 90%. The Forekaster is standard Exo but the Rekon is a 3C Exo. The Rekon is a white OEM tyre whereas the FC is yellow. The Rekon does have a slight cut/graze to the sidewall but it has always sealed tubeless so it’s never bothered me; I have a picture if you want to see it. £20 posted for the Forekaster, £15 for the Rekon. I can do both for £30 posted, although I will double check they both weigh under 2kg before I do.
  3. Sram Eagle 34t oval chainring 3mm/boost offset. Came with my Dub cranks. It’s surplus as will be running Shimano 12sp on my new bike. It doesn’t look like it’s done many miles with just the surface paint missing from the teeth. There is a bit of material missing from one of the ‘spokes’, but it’s purely cosmetic. I’ve no idea what it’s worth so £60 posted?
  4. Shimano RT81 180mm Centrelock rotors x3. These have been used for the past few years but all got a slight bend to them so I could never get them to centre on my calipers. Maybe someone will have better luck truing them. £10 posted. I might even have a couple of 15mm lock-rings if you need them.
  5. Rockshox Pike 150mm airshaft. This came out of my 2018/B1 Pikes when I swapped over to a 140mm DebonAir shaft. £15 posted.
  6. Rockshox Maxle Ultimate 12x174mm. I believe this was a spare for my old non-boost Salsa. £35 posted.
  7. Ritchey WCS carbon stem. Had this in my shed for years but I’ve misplaced it recently so I’m not sure if it’s 70mm or 90mm; I think I’ve taken it to work. £15 incl P&P
  8. 100mm Salsa Guide stem. This came on my old Spearfish but I swapped it out for a shorter stem. I doubt I’ll ever run a 100mm stem ever again so £12 incl P&P
  9. USE Ring-Go-Star A-Head Adjusters for Carbon Steerer Tubes. I got these as part of a job lot but I don’t need them. Apart from being a bit grubby (I will clean them before sending), they are in good condition. Someone can have them for postage.
  10. Avid Elixir Lever Pivot Bearing Press Tool. Needed if you have Elixir’s with carbon levers and the lever has developed play. £8 posted
  11. Sunrace 11-42t 10sp cassette. It doesn’t look worn but it wouldn’t take a new chain a few years ago, so it’s been sat in the shed ever since. £10 posted?
  12. Sram GX 11 Speed Rear Mech. Spares or repairs. Had this on my old bike until a trip to Afan. Not entirely sure what happened but the mech ended up in the spokes. It never would shift properly again so I replaced it with the XO1 mech. I assume the cage it bent or twisted slightly. Might be worth something to someone. £8 posted.

All prices are negotiable but please don’t take the P

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