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Published: 26th February 2021 (2 months ago)
Size? (Frame, clothing, wheel size etc. You can pick 3)
Will post in UK

N+1 doesn’t apply here: it’s a case of one in one out and my Stache frame has drawn the short straw. I bought it new as a frame only in April 2018, and it’s had a great run. Sadly, something shinier has caught my eye, so my loss may be your gain.

It builds up into a cracking bike – I’ve run it with 2.4 tyres on 29″ wheels with a 130mm fork, singlespeed and geared and it’s done everything from the Surrey Hills steeps* to hundred mile days and much in between for about 2,500 km in total. It’s one of two mountain bikes that generally get equal usage.

These pics were taken just after I’d stripped it down, so I’ll stick some up when I’ve had a chance to give it a proper clean and polish, but it goes without saying this has been used and likely has a few scuffs. I can’t see any dings, dents or missing paint, however. You’ll see a funny looking wart in the junction of the top and down tube in the picture showing the right hand side – it’s an easily-removed blob of Sugru to protect the frame when running brakes moto.

I’m including the headset, clamp and axle as well as leaving in the Shimano press-fit BB which was replaced in November 2019 by the shop I bought it from; I thought it was fine but now the cranks are our it’s noticably notchy, so I’d suggest replacing it sooner rather than later.

I’m about to list a couple of other bits that will go nicely with this bike, including a pair of Genesis Tarn forks and a Brand X 150mm dropper.

Any questions, just ask.


*respect the mountains, people.

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