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by flyingmonkeycorps
Published: 13th August 2019 (8 months ago)
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Collection only

I went into the shed (it’s actually an old outdoor toilet) to clear it out and see if I could fit a bike in there. Turned out there was already one in there, along with a LOT of other crap. Most of which I don’t need. So, it’s all up for grabs. Collection only from Hull, I really can’t be arsed to post it all.

The road bike is a very old Carrera Virtuoso that I picked up to commute to work on about a decade ago. It was fine, if worn out when a spoke went and I decided to upgrade to something nicer. Tyres are relatively recent, the rest is original and a bit crap. You’ll have a choice of about half of the sixteen gears, a very wonky back wheel and brake blocks like fag papers. But with the wheel fixed and a bit of fettling it might be usable. Maybe. Everything that should move seems to be doing so.

Pair of Schwalbe CX Comp tyres, think they’re 28c. Not a huge amount of miles on them but for some reason one is really dirty and the other isn’t. Odd.


One very old Shimano front hub (possibly XT, I should have checked) on a Mavic 317 rim. Suitable for disc or rim brakes. Yes really. Comes with a Michelin All Mountain tyre which will probably kill you if you try to use it, but I’m too lazy to take it off.

Another old Shimano front hub (pretty sure one is XT and one is non-series) on a Mavic 517 rim. No tyre on this one, but it also works with disc or rim and has a QR skewer.

A Superstar front hub (Evo? I dunno) on a Spank Oozy rim. Very battered, but like all the wheels seems to turn OK. For a 20mm axle but you might be able to get adapters. I thought it had a snapped spoke but it looks OK in the photo so maybe I decided to keep that one.

Some Karcher pressure washer thing. Pretty sure it only works a bit, but I can’t remember how. Maybe it always has to be plugged into water. Or electricity. Or it only works on Tuesdays.

Then there’s a bunch of smaller bits.

Drop bars from a Pinnacle Arkose, covered in gank from where I unwrapped the tape.

Titec El Norte IV bars. Came with a Stiffee I bought about 15 years ago. About 680mm at a guess, weigh a ton.

Raceface Respond cranks. Think they’re missing the gubbin you need to tighten them on, I got fed up trying to find one and bought new cranks instead. 170mm if you care.

SDG Bel Air (I think) saddle. Battered.

Ritchey WCS 70mm (probably) stem. Actually quite nice. I might keep this.

Superstar long grips. One pair fat, little use because I hated them. One pair thin, barely any rubber left because I didn’t.

2 Superstar 10mm skewer things for QR bikes. Black one looks quite new, red one doesn’t. No idea why I have two.

One pair DMR V8 pedals. Battered, poo bearings.

One pair Syntace pedals. They were called something ridiculous like shinrippers or meatshredders. Weigh more than your bike but the bearing seem OK.

FSA Comet cranks. I thought the ring was seized on but it’s not. Weird three arm spider that probably means you can’t get replacement rings. Not sure where this came from.

Mudguard. Mounts on your down tube. Probably doesn’t work very well and looks terrible.

So there you go. Lots of tat that you probably don’t want, and even if you did I won’t post it to you. If you lot or local bike charities don’t want it then it’s off to the tip.

This Ad has been marked as 'sold' and is no longer available to purchase.

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