by IHN
Published: 29th January 2021 (3 months ago)

Samsung Galaxy S7, 32mb, Black Onyx

BNIB, mintier than an Extra Strong Mint shoved through the middle of a Polo mint, soaked in mint jelly and locked in the vaults of the Royal Mint.

Charger, cable, headphones in little headphone box, instructions, little pin wotsit for SIM/SD card all in there.

It is AT&T branded (exact model is SM-G930A), so you get the AT&T logo on startup, but easy enough to remove/disable the A&T bloatware (not that there’s a lot of it to be fair).

Full disclosure: I bought it, took the front/rear plastic screen protector packaging stuff off, fired it up, tried to use it for work, discovered I couldn’t, factory reset it and put it back in the box. I was going to sell it to CeX, but they messed me about by saying there was a scratch on the back (when there very much is not, did I mention it is mint?) and dropping their offer stupidly low, so I got it back from them.

£130 posted to your door.

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