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by Scienceofficer
Published: 4th April 2020 (2 years ago)
Will post in UK

For Sale.

RS Pike RCT3 29er. A1 model and thus solo air. Standard spacing (15×100) and thus not boost.

191mm steerer

Cosmetically marked from use, as per pictures.

Because I’m a good boy with my lowers services, the stanchions are good and there is no bushing slop.

Since I’m also skilled enough to have been a bike shop mechanic, I’ve just replaced all the seals in the damper (after the bladder ruptured), the air piston and the dirt wipers and foam rings. Basically its fully serviced.

Used on my hardtail in 140mm mode with ghetto mod to increase the negative spring, and used at 160mm with a Vorsprung Luftkappe on my fullsusser.

Its currently waiting to be reassembled depending on what travel you want.

Full disclosure – due to the ghetto mod with 140mm air shaft, the foot nut needs to be air tight – this is acheived by wrapping the thread with plenty of PTFE and is easy enough. I’d not recommend using the luftkappe with this because the negative spring becomes too strong.

The 160mm air shaft is stock solo air. I can rebuild it with the luftkappe easily enough, but this will cost you £30 more for the luftkappe unit. You might be better just getting a new debonair air shaft – depends on your preferences – The luftkappe does offer more in the way of tuning by adding or removing grease to alter the size of the negative air spring.

There are plenty of 27.5 inch pikes in the second hand market, but rather fewer fully serviced second hand 29er models. We all know that servicing a fork will cost c.£100

I think £220 post is a fair price without the luftkappe, as is £250 posted with it installed.

Feel free to PM me.




This Ad has been marked as 'sold' and is no longer available to purchase.

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