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by Mugboo
Published: 25th November 2019 (3 years ago)
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Left to right

1. 26″ 160/27′ 150/29″ 130 complete with the lower bit and washers.

2. Same as above but without the lower bit.

3. 27″ 160/29″140/ Lyric Yari 150

Luftkappe which requires a new seal. I’ve contacted Steve at Vorsprung and he said any o ring supplier would be able to supply a new standard -213 quad ring in NBR70 compound (sometimes called 4-213). I haven’t checked but it’s likely that the seal on your air spring is the same because TFTuned suggested I buy a whole Pike kit to get the seal. I was in a hurry so just ordered a Debonair spring.

4. Same size as the top two but the top has been loosened for the Luftkappe. If you want this tightening back up just say as I have the tool to hold it in my vice.


£10 plus postage each apart from the Luftkappe which will be £30 plus postage.

All the springs are unmarked and in perfect working order. And even I am scratching my head as to why I own 4!

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