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by davosaurusrex
Published: 5th October 2022 (6 months ago)
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Imagine brothers! You too could be be accepted into the circle of elders and sing the fabled Putoline song of yore! When naysayers attempt to cast doubt and confusion amongst the true believers with treacherous mutterings of “yes it’s very smooth but it’s a bit of a faff” and “when you hose the bike down the chain still goes rusty so I don’t really see the benefit” you shall rise as one and strike the fools down with the hallowed incantations “I can whip the chain off just by looking at” and “you must be doing it wrong, have you wielded the mythical oily rag of inbetweenment?”. And thusly the heretics shall be forever be cast into the limbo land of unicycles.

£30 collected from Worthing or send an owl with cash and a Bag For Life

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