by martinwilly
Published: 9th June 2021 (6 days ago)
Size? (Frame, clothing, wheel size etc. You can pick 3)
Collection only

Niner SIR 9. Size Medium. 29er single-speed with Niner Biocentric 2 eccentric BB.

Shimano XTR FC-M985 cranks (175) with Wolf Tooth Components 34T chainring. 19T Niner sprocket.

The chain is a bit stretched now and the 0.75 side of the Park chain wear tool drops through.  New sprocket needed (I would go for Surly or PX for longevity).

Hunt XC Wide tubeless ready wheels 622×25. There are some small scratches on the wheels.  There are some additional photos here which show the sort of thing:

The Maxxis Ikon 3C 29×2.35 are basically knackered although there may be some life left in the front one.  Currently running tubeless.

Niner carbon bars and stem. Niner 27.2 seat-post and Niner clamp.

Fox Factory 32 forks. Last serviced January. 500k ridden since then. I have tried to show in the photos that there are no discernible imperfections on the stanchions. They look perfect.  I can send more photos.

Niner headset.

XT levers and calipers.

Specialized Phenom saddle.

The frame is in good condition.  There are a few scratches on the paint.  You can see one of them on the right seat stay in the photo of the sprocket.  It isn’t easy to get a bottle out of the seat tube cage and as a consequence the paint here was worn away.  It has now been neatly primed and covered with a discreet sticker, visible in a photo.

Collection from Kingston KT2. I could feasibly bring to Waterloo or Weybridge (where I work) or Eastbourne where I often visit though probably not soon unless France holiday in July falls through.

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    I wouldn’t post my postcode as you clearly have a lot of nice bikes. Bike theft is high in Kingston at the moment right now. Interestingly you live on the street next to mine. PM me if you want to go on a local ride some time?

    Nice bike, but 2 things…

    1. It’s much later than a 2009… I don’t think the 44mm headtube and the 12mm rear axle came in until about 2013 iirc…

    2. You NEED to remove some personal information (such as your address!!!) from the google folder you’ve linked too!!!

    Hello Belgian Waffle. Thank you. I actually don’t have loads of nice bikes! I have had the Kona for a very long time indeed, to the amusement of my mtb friends. The weekend after I noticed it was bust I rode with the owner of the niner, an old friend of mine. He was selling, I bought. Excitement clouded my judgement on the size. I am now facing facts.
    Where do you ride? Once I have a (bloody!) bike I will be keen to resume riding the trails. I am a tester really but have lost heart.

    mboy . . .aargh, you’re right. Thank you.

    I’ve removed the year. My research was inadequate, clearly. I’m embarrassed to have made a silly purchase and reluctant to bother the friend I bought it off (for mates rates . . .and he thought it was too small for me).

    Idiotically I have been using that folder for other stuff today since my phone has defaulted to it after the photo upload. Thank you! Now deleted.

    I ride richmond park, wimbledon common, ham lands as those are the local spots for an afternoon ride. Further afield I mostly ride Surrey Hills. Would be happy to show you around the local spots if you are interested. Most of it is XC but there are also some steeps namely in Wimbledon Common. Thanks.

    Belgianwaffle you must have seen me, or I you. I am most visible riding a Douze F1 with two small boys on board, usually with pink Pedal Me hats on.

    I’ve now edited down my postcode to just KT2. Since you know which road I’m on, are you on the parallel road closer to or further from RP? Ether way, I want your house. I aspire to live on one of those roads.

    Hehe I’m on the parrallel road futher away from the Gate.

    Gotcha. Yes, guided tour would be great when I have wheels. I take the children to Ham Lands. I know the Tamsin Trail obviously as well as a couple of nice sections the Secretary of State prefers we don’t ride.

    Now listed on eBay.

    Oh the fees! 😱

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