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Published: 6th June 2021 (6 months ago)
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Today’s random sale of the day!

One 14 foot diameter Mongolian-style ger (yurt) with stove. This is not so much a tent for camping but living in, so would suit someone looking to use as a holiday let. That is to say, you’d at least need a large car and roof rack, ideally a van, to move it, and it needs at least a couple of people and a few hours to erect.

Although it was made a few years ago now, it’s only been used a handful of times for short periods and has been in dry storage the rest of the time.

Dimensions (approx.):
Diameter: 14′ (4.3m)
Wall height: 5′ (1.5m) – this makes standing without stooping possible everywhere you might want to (important for me at 6’+)
Crown diameter: 4′ (1.2m)
Doorframe width: 4′ (1.2m)

The walls are local ash, felled, split, shaved, bent, sanded, and oiled by hand. The roof poles are from commercial European ash, but shaved, sanded and oiled by hand.

The crown is reclaimed hardwood, and of a fairly unusual design: larger than normal (4′ diameter) for the size of yurt and with no internal supports which means you get a nice clear view of the sky. The door frame is reclaimed pitch pine, and the door two layers of 18mm marine ply sandwiching perspex, with proper wrought iron hinges and furniture and a 5 lever lock.

The cover is 15oz fire-, water- and rot-proofed canvas, in two parts (roof and wall). Separate canvas and clear PVC crown cover, which can be removed for ventilation or just for a better view of the stars. The bottom of the wall has a plastic skirt to isolate it from the ground and stop it absorbing water.
The covers are secured with a system of manila ropes which are tied to four willow pegs. This has been tested in winds over 50mph and proved stable – the shape of the yurt is naturally wind-shedding, owing to its origins on the Asian steppes.
Inside is a floor of coconut fibre matting, which sits on top of a waterproof groundsheet made from waste PVC air mattresses.

Also included is a large wood-burning stove with a flat top for cooking. The flue goes through a silicone flue collar in the roof canvas and has a spark arrestor on the end. We’ve used this in freezing conditions and its easily capable of heating the yurt to the point where you need the door or crown open.

Everything need to assemble the yurt is included with the sale.

The yurt is currently pitched, somewhat incongruously, in my garden in Wallsend, so is available to view. Collection/transportation to be negotiated. Full instructions for assembly will be supplied, but a demonstration on delivery would be ideal and could be arranged.

Loads more pictures and details available, including here:

Looking for offers in the region of £4000.

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