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by eddiebaby
Published: 11th January 2021 (2 weeks ago)
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It’s time to start thinning down the gear before I head back to Weymouth. So my lovely Line6 DT25 1×12 combo is up for sale. Bought new in the spring last year it is pretty unique in that the power stage is highly configurable and runs 2 Electro-Harmonix EL84EH and one 12AX7EH tubes.

These are switched with relays to give a choice of Class A giving 10W cathode biased amp and Class A/B for 25 W of fixed bias.

You can also switch between Pentode and Triode operation for a different feel/sound.

Elsewhere the amps voicing switch lets you switch between 4 different Negative Feedback Loops that also govern the feel and sound of the amp.

There are two footswitchable channels that can have different or identical amps in each allowing you to have clean or dirty versions of a given amp or 2 totally different amps.


Set as it comes from the factory there are 4 differing amp models that can be controlled from the front panel: Clean Fender, British High Gain (a Park 100W), British Chime – AC30 and a Mesa Boogie.

Gain, bass, middle, treble, presence, reverb and master volume for each channel.

There is also a low volume mode for late night playing.


Using MIDI you can access 30 different amp models and choose different reverb styles for each one. 4 different amps can be selected for each channel and switched from the front.

I control mine using an ipad mini running a free editor loaded into the Touch OSC app from the appstore that has lots of controller templates available. There are also desktop windows apps available. You can even go in old school and vary stuff using MIDI CC messages.

If you have a Line6 FX unit with the L6 Link system the power section will be seamlessly controlled by your effects unit switching to the appropriate setting for your pre amp. Great for the Helix and POD HD users.

If anyone wants I can give a list of the amps available and will set up the 4 amps per channel before despatching it.

I have the Line6 supplied transport packaging and the amp is spotless having only had the occasional trip up the garden to the garage for some volume.

All manuals and power lead included and it is running the current V2 software.


More on the amp here:

Loads of videos on YouTube too. Andertons seemed to like it.


The amp can be packed easily into the original Line6 supplied transport packaging for collection by a courier of your choice or I can organise one at cost.

This Ad has been marked as 'sold' and is no longer available to purchase.

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