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Published: 24th May 2021 (4 months ago)
Will post in UK

Big pile of stuff for sale…

Prices do not include postage (normally around £5 for first class signed-for) and they assume Paypal gift (you’re welcome to pay by Goods and Services but it’ll be an extra £5 or so).

I can provide a load of pictures but can’t upload many here so please DM me your email address if interested and I’ll get some sent over.

Here goes:

Fujifilm X system:

  1. XC 50-230mm lens, silver. In mint condition with front and rear caps and hood. No dust, no marks. £180.
  2. X-A1 body, red and silver. Excellent condition, with only some barely noticeable marks on the LCD screen and body. With body cap, Chili Power battery and third party charger. £90.
  3. XC 16-50mm lens, silver. Excellent to mint with no dust and no marks, with front and rear caps and hood. £130. (Might withdraw this if I have trouble sourcing a black one to replace it with…)

Panasonic Micro Four Thirds:

  1. Lumix 20mm f/1.7 lens, mk1 version. In excellent condition with no dust or marks on the lens. Perfect working order with original front and rear caps, lens bag and box. £115.
  2. Lumix 14-45mm lens (the original kit lens, with noticeably better image quality than the later 14-42). With original front and rear caps, lens bag and hood. £80.
  3. Lumix GF1 body, black, in excellent condition; you’ll be hard pushed to find a better example. No real cosmetic marks, makes a perfect partner to the 20mm and still makes great images. Comes with original battery, charger and box with cables. £45.
  4. Lumix G2 body, black, very good condition. Shows some light scuffs to the sides of the body but is otherwise excellent and fully functional, including the LCD touchscreen. Comes with original battery and charger. £40.
  5. Lumix LVF1 electronic viewfinder, compatible with both the GF1 (above) and LX5 (below). Excellent condition with original Panasonic pouch/case (leather I think, but possibly synthetic). £50.


  1. Fujifilm XF1, red and silver. Unique compact in that it has a manual zoom, which is so much nicer (IMO) to use than a motorised one. 2/3″ (ie largish) EXR sensor. Very good condition, lens clean and virtually no marks to the rear LCD. £55.
  2. Olympus Tough TG-5, black. Raw support and all sorts of features (virtually the same spec as the latest TG-6). Well used, with noticeable marks on the rear screen and also some marking to the protective glass at the front, though this seems common for the TG-5 and 6. It seems to have no significant effect on images (having taken side-by-side shots with this and a TG-3 with clean glass, including into direct sunlight) but there might be some obscure scenario where it could be an issue. Boxed with original battery, wrist strap and accessories. £145.
  3. Panasonic TS7 converted to full spectrum for infrared photography. Has a 37mm filter adapter fitted, and comes with a 37mm 920nm IR filter and original battery and I forget whether the charger id original or third party. £55.
  4. Panasonic Lumix LX5. Excellent condition, boxed with original battery, charger and accessories. Also comes with a JJC auto lens cap and Panasonic filter adapter tube for 52mm filters. £95.
  5. Ricoh PX waterproof camera, boxed with all accessories. Good used condition. £30.
  6. Ricoh GR Digital, the original (smaller-sensor) version and a street photography classic. Outstanding condition and in perfect working order: both dials are smooth and flawless in operation and the lens motor makes no abnormal noises. Also available: unused Ricoh GR neck strap, GH-1 hood and lens adapter, GW-1 conversion lens for 21mm equivalent, and GV-1 viewfinder for both 21 and 28mm fileds of view. All boxed an in pretty much mint condition. Please enquire for prices.


  1. Moment Anamorphic lens (blue flare). Excellent-to-mint condition, boxed with original pouch and Allen key to adjust orientation. £90.

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