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Published: 29th June 2020 (2 weeks ago)
Size? (Frame, clothing, wheel size etc. You can pick 3)
Collection only

No shipping! Local connection only..

Cotic road rat, the flat bar version. Suit rider height approx 5’8 to 6′ ish. I’m 5’10 and ride it with saddle height as per pictures.

A good, solid bike for commutes or longer rides. Full length mudguards and hydraulic disc brakes, plus the ability to mount a rear rack if you wanted for pannier duty. The frame and fork have rim brake mounts so that’s a possibility if you prefer, not with this rear wheel though… (or some front racks fit to canti bosses so that might be an option if you like).

Low maintenance 8 speed Shimano alfine hub gear, and alfine cranks. Serviced about 18 months ago, and I’ve probably ridden 200 miles on it since. Shimano hydro discs, a mixture of slx levers and xt and deore calipers. Front wheel is xt hub with dt Swiss rim. See photos. Fabric gel saddle, onone fleegle swept back bars. NO PEDALS ARE INCLUDED.

Bad points.

Frame and forks are definitely used and marked, I have shown this in some of the photos, so don’t be surprised if you come to view. However there are no cracks or failure points anywhere. I have ridden this recently and would continue to if I didn’t prefer a more mtb position.
The rear mudguard is a mounted with cable ties. Not pretty, but completely functional. This was sheer laziness on my part of getting the right bits..
Front brake can get a little sticky every so often. Again, mostly laziness has stopped me investigating more than spraying brake cleaner every now and then.
Tape holds the cables and hoses. Zip ties would work too, but tape is easier and less pokey when carrying the bike up stairs.
If you aren’t used to alfine, they can take a little getting used to as shifting under load is a total no no..(but a plus point is that you can stop at lights and shift without moving ready to get going again)..

This is a single speed/hub gear only frame. You cannot change this to regular derailleur gears (that I’m aware of).

Already mentioned but there are NO PEDALS…! I will however fit some for a test ride.

Any test is welcome, but full cash asking price must be in my hand before riding. Test first, try and haggle afterwards (price is pretty firm and I think fair though).

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