by Mowgli
Published: 18th February 2021 (3 months ago)
Will post in UK

More pics here:

Add postage onto prices below – if no price stated it’s free, jsut pay for post – £3-5 depending on size.

140mm rotors – new one £8, used one £5 (still good nick)

Hope Bulb 20mm front adapters. Seem to have ended up with two of the taller ones and one short one.

Hope Pro 2 QR axle – no end caps.

Ritchey seatpost – 27.2mm

Funn seatpost – 26.6mm. Possibly bent – ok for spares?

Carbon aero seatpost. From an LTK115-D frame.

Mech hanger from LTK115D. May fit others.

Crank Bros pedals

Rockshox poploc remote and small bits for the top cap etc £5

Stronglight chainring

Cheapo pedals

XT Front mech £8

Prime front hub 15mm adapters £6

Brake mounts – £3 each, £7 for the Hope one. PM-PM 203 is gone now.

Handlebars – £15 for the Whyte ones, £8 the others

On One stem 25.4mm x 75mm £5

SLX front mech £5

Reverb collar and other small bits

Hope Mono M4 brake pads £4

Pile of Hope Mono Mini pads with varying life remaining

Garmin out front mount £4

Various QR collars – £6 for the Hope and Ragley, £3 the others

Various lock-on grips – £3/pair

Loads of other random crap – spacers, bolts, top caps etc. Let me know if you need anything.

FSA Adventure Mega-Exo crankset. Had to cut the non-drive side arm off as it was seized onto the axle. The crank bolt also got a lot of pounding so that’s probably not usable any more, but the threads are ok. Rings are worn. BB is ok – slightly rough but spins freely.




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