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by 2bit
Published: 8th August 2022 (8 months ago)
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Lessons still not learned & I have more bits I’ve bought, not liked/fitted and been too busy to return in time.

All items are BNWT and tried on for size only apart from the Grey Endura Hummvee  3/4 which I bought second hand and tried on for size.


Five Ten Sleuth DLX mid – 3 pairs?!

I wanted a 10UK pair of these but only 9.5 & 10.5 available online at the time so I bought both sizes hoping either would fit. In meantime better half thinks same thing & buys the 9.5UK.

Neither 9.5 or 10.5 fit as required (I’m fussy) & due to Covid, illness, Xmas, work & now busy Summer etc we’ve missed the return window on both online store purchases


I have 3 x Brand new Five Ten Sleuth DLX mid for sale :/

2 of 9.5UK
1 of 10.5UK

We both paid different amounts but cheapest price (we think) was £85, RRP is £110 ea pair, selling for £70 plus P&P a pair.

They were bought in November 2021, tried on inside, for approx 5 minutes & sat in their boxes in the spare room since.

Universally well rated & loved MTB shoes as per spec & reviews above.

I bought them for riding but also as casual pub/shop trainers as they’re not overly Gnaaar.


Looks like these are now out of stock everywhere in these colours so deadstock bargain.



Endura Hummvee 3/4 – 2 pairs


My (what I thought were v1) at least 12 year old Hummvee 3/4s are on their last legs so I bought these hoping to replace them but nope.


Endura Hummvee 3/4 Short II with liner – Tonal Anthracite – Large – BNWT



Hoping these would be a similar tough matt cordura-ish material to my hummvees but these are shiny and not the cordura-ish material and I took an instant dislike to them.

Worn for literally 30 seconds before huffing loudly & forgetting about them.

Bought for £70, yours for £60 plus P&P

Let me know if you want photos of these – Endura link –


Endura Hummvee 3/4  – Grey – XL? – Used


Bought second hand after 👆. Listing said no labels (there aren’t) but its a L (they aren’t). I reckon its an XL at least. Due to the lack of labels its hard to be sure what these are. I thought they were Hummvees (they’ve got similar features ie variety of pockets, poppers for liner, similar waist band cinches etc) but the material is a soft hardwearing cotton (?) thats different to the hummvees I’m trying to replace so not sure what these are. Demo/sample pair maybe? Some other Endura 3/4?


They’re grey, looks like they’ve not been ridden in (seat shows no sign of wear) and all zips & velcro are clean & tidy.


Bought for £15 & I’m asking for £15 plus P&P



Endura Trekkit Shorts – Black – BNWT – M


Bought back in 202o as commuter shorts but didn’t realise (read the blurb) that the liner or ‘gusset panel’ was sewn in so no good for me.

Worn for 30 seconds to confirm that the gusset panel & I weren’t going to get on.

Think they are these –

Not sure of RRP (looks like these are discontinued?) or what I paid for them so £25 + P&P?


Last photo shows the Trekkit shorts on the XL (?) Hummvees for comparison.

More photos available on request

All items located in Swansea so happy for collection or posting at agreed service & cost. Smoke & pet free house.




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