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by tall_martin
Published: 16th July 2022 (9 months ago)
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Three guitars for sale. 


They are all lovely guitars, I’ve just got too many and not enough time to play them all.


Harley benton CST 24 in Emerald. 2019 


This currently has a set of Bareknuckle pickups- a mule and a black dog.


£150 with the original pickups.


£370 with the Bareknucles in. They are currently £300 a set 


It has been upgraded to locking tuners.


It has some bird stickers over the dots. These can stay or come off for sale. My wife called it the lizard so I stuck some eyes on the control knobs. These can be replaced with the originals or the bird knobs that are pictured. 


Plays great, feels great. Condition is mostly good. There is no damage to the body that I can see. In the sun for the photos today I noticed some dye marks on the back where it looks like the original finish has run a bit. In 3 years I’ve never noticed this before. There are a few marks to the fretboard where I have lowered some frets to allow a very low action.



Ibanez Joe Satriani JS100WH



I’ve had this since 2011 and it’s been great. I’ve never gigged and it seems unlikely that I will in the next few years.


This is a white Ibanez JS100 from 2003. They only made the JS100 in white in 1993/94 and 2003/04, so it’s quite an unusual color. This guitar was made in Korea, and features a great neck (slim and modern but not a skinny shred neck like the Ibanez Wizard) and the Ibanez Edge Pro II bridge, which is vastly better than the earlier Lo-TRS II, and a definite improvement on the current Edge III bridge. It holds its tuning far better, and you can fit the strings without having to cut the ball ends off. Basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 22 medium frets, and the “Joe Satriani” moniker on the 21st fret. Very comfortable guitar to play – it’s light and ergonomic, and balances well. Trem arm is provided.


This guitar has been upgraded to feature color-matched white DiMarzio D-Sonic bridge pickup and Air Norton neck pickup, as used by Brad Delson from Linkin Park and (until recently) John Petrucci. They transform this guitar to a whole new level of sonic excellence.

This guitar is 19 years old, and has been played plenty, so it’s not perfect. There are a few minor marks on the finish, and a couple of small imperfections. 






Joe Doe by Vintage Guitars Strat.



This is lovely, I’m just not so keen on single pickup sounds. 


Other than the relicing it came with its as new. 


The neck has had a very very light sand to smooth it. 


I liked the idea of a reliced guitar with a backstory. 



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