by Northwind
Published: 19th August 2021 (4 months ago)
Size? (Frame, clothing, wheel size etc. You can pick 3)
Will post in UK

This is a lightly used WTB Frequency i29 29er rim, on a DT 350 20mm hub 6-bolt (non-boost), built with Sapim Race spokes. It’s the “oversize” hub so can be adapted to all standards (though only fair to mention that the adaptors as with everything DT aren’t cheap)

Wee story. I built a set of harder hitting wheels for my Remedy, for uplifts and dh races and such, and literally the night I finished building the front, we got broken into and it was stolen, a week before a trip to the alps. So I frantically built this one to replace it.

When I got back, the police had caught the guy and recovered the original wheel! So I’m selling this one, purely because the other wheelset has white hubs and I am a tart.

So, it’s very nice, in a chunky durable way. Frequency i29 is the WTB tubeless hard hitting rim with 29mm inside width. DT350 and Sapim Race are obviously good quality parts. It’s not light- just a hair over 1kg, with the valve and tape. But they’re  strong- I had to ride out the bottom of the mega on a flat on the other one of these (not this one!) and it’s barely even bruised.

So this one has had exactly 5 and a half days of riding on it, and was retired when I got home. It has a few minor marks as you’d expect and one extremely tiny dent which refused to show up in pictures but it’s otherwise straight, has good even tension, all that good stuff. Valve and tape included so it’s ready to fit.

Collection preferred but will post at cost.

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