Black Friday Deals | Lights

by Andi Sykes 8

Brighten up this Black Friday with a set of brand new lights at a discount price!

As usual, our hyper-intelligent widget will automatically hunt down the best deals with new deals loaded each time you reload this page. We’re focusing on illuminating light deals with this page but check out our other deal widgets for discount bike, frames, components, helmets and more.

The following links are affiliate links so if you do buy something you will be helping us buy more coffee! Thanks!

Comments (8)

    another one;

    Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL Front Light £45.30 @ Mantel

    I don’t see any links to any deals!!!

    Me too, I consistently get zero links to any deals, has been the same since the first one posted.
    The rest of the site works just fine.

    Had the same – turned off the ad blocker and they reappeared 🙂

    its been like 3rd time i checked your so called widget and its shit. Doesnt work. Zero links.

    No ad blocker here either & it doesn’t make a difference wether I’m logged in or not. Nothing to see…

    Not necessarily the best prices. The Exposure Joystick Mk13 is going for £162 above but can be had for £89 at Cycle Republic at the moment.

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