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Today GT Bicycles announced the new Force GT-E and Pantera GT-E, part of the all-new GT Power Series lineup of electric pedal assist full suspension and hardtail bikes.

Here’s the press release in full. Be warned. It contains a terrible pun…

Both the Pantera GT-E and Force GT-E offer the same ride quality and performance as their analog counterparts, but they have been designed around Shimano’s STePS drive system allowing riders of all skill levels to turn their adventures up a few notches.

Pantera GT-E
Pantera GT-E

The Pantera GT-E is a confidence-inspiring bike for riders of all abilities. GT’s new Triple Triangle design with floating seatstays for all-day rideability. Because of its unique Triple Triangle design, the Pantera GT-E is 50% more vertically compliant than traditional double diamond frames.
The bike’s 120mm of front travel soaks up jarring bumps while smooth rolling 29” wheels provide great traction on all types of terrain.

Force GT-E
We like the turquoise more than the grey, we think.

The Force GT-E is designed for riders looking to push the limits of what they think is possible both up and down. It has 150mm of travel both front and rear aboard GT’s proven LTS suspension platform. 29” wheels equipped with wide aggressive tires offer great traction anywhere. With longer chainstays, a steeper seat tube angle, and powerful four piston brakes, the Force GT-E climbs fast and easy, but more importantly – allows you to descend more. The Force GT-E is so fun, it should be e-legal.

[Ed – Argh!]

Force GT-E
But maybe you like the grey.

The GT-E Pantera and the Force GT-E feature the Shimano STePS drive system which delivers the right amount of juice and power to amplify the ride. A powerful fully-integrated battery allows riders to go to 50 miles on a single charge while three power assist modes – Eco, Normal, or High – offer a super balanced ride. Therefore, riders can get the most, and a little more, out of every pedal.

Ready for serious adventure, the Pantera GT-E and Force GT-E lineups will be available in three and two models respectively. The Pantera GT-E range will include the Dash, the Current, and the Bolt. All models are equipped with rack and fender mounts for trekking and commuting. The Force GT-E range will include the Current and the Amp. All Pantera GT-E and Force GT-E models are dropper post ready and feature internal cable routing for a sleek look.

Force GT-E
Hmm. Is it really that steep or is that tree tired?

Force GT-E

Force GT-E


  • E-Force AMP – £4199.99
  • E-Force CURRENT – £3599.99

Pantera GT-E

GT-E Pantera


  • E-Pantera BOLT – £2999.99
  • E-Pantera CURRENT – £2599.99
  • E-Pantera DASH – £2199.99

For more information on the all-new Pantera GT-E and Force GT-E, visit

We’ll let you go and recover from than pun. It’s just not fun-E.

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