A Game Of Throns | Focus Introduce The Thron² – A Broad Spectrum e-MTB

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It was way back in 2016 that Focus launched their first big eMTB, the Focus Jam². It was different to the other bikes out there in that it opted for a smaller 378wh battery to save weight rather than go with the more ubiquitous, at the time, 500wh capacity battery. 

The plan was to focus (pun intended) on the handling of the bike rather than the range. Personally, I loved it.

Focus were so set on developing a lower power route to the eMTB market that in 2017 they introduced the first incarnation of the Fazua 250wh system through their superlight, hardtail eMTB, the Raven² – A bike with a removable motor as well as battery.

Technology in the eBike world is evolving at considerable speed and not only has the Jam² evolved and spawned a plethora of battery capacity options but Focus have this year launched a brand new eMTB model into the range. The Thron². And by retaining the Raven² and a version of the Jam² with that svelte 378wh battery, Focus can now boast a range of battery capacities across all its eMTB models from 250wh to a staggering 1125wh if you opt for the 625wh hardtail Jarifa model with the additional 500wh extra battery option.

focus thron 2 thron² thron2 emtb singletrack
short, comfortable, useful and fun

A Game Of Thron²

When the Jam² launched in 2016 the share of sales taken by ebikes at Focus was in the region of 20%. This year that ratio has switched 180 degrees. eBikes are massive business for all bike brands and the opportunities the bring to the consumer are widening to the point that for many customers completely new to cycling an eBike is now likely to be their first proper bike.

Focus have spotted what they think is a gap in the market for an all purpose eMTB that, for many, stands to not only be their first mountain bike but also their only bike. The prices of ebikes are still currently so high that it is a pragmatic stance to choose an ebike that you can do pretty much everything from commuting to laps of your local trail centre. 

And so to the Thron²

Thron² Specs

Model | Thron² 6.9

  • Price | £4499
  • Motor | Bosch Performance CX GEN4
  • Battery | Bosch Powertube 625wh
thron² thron focus 6.9 singletrack
A lot of bike and power for the top of the line model at £4499

Model | Thron² 6.8

  • Price | £3999
  • Motor | Bosch Performance CX GEN4
  • Battery | Bosch Powertube 625wh
thron² thron focus 6.8 singletrack
625wh for a mars bar short of £4k is not too shabby we reckon

Model | Thron² 6.7

  • Price | £3699
  • Motor | Bosch Performance CX GEN4
  • Battery | Bosch Powertube 500wh
thron² thron focus 6.7 singletrack
Just the 500wh battery on the 6.7
focus thron 2 6.7 eqp singletrack charged
Load up your Thron with racks and panniers and head out for an adventure
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