Video | YT Decoy – An e-MTB You Can Ride Like A Rampage Rider

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Our Andi recently went on YT Industries‘ launch event for their new YT Decoy e-MTB, and came away impressed by both its looks and handling. Since the launch, YT has had its sponsored riders out and about pushing the boundaries of what you might think an e-bike can do.

YT Decoy emtb review
Andi, being Adolf/Jordie.

Redbull Rampage riders Adolf Silva and Jordie Lunn have both been doing things on the YT Decoy that very few of us should be trying at home, on any kind of bike. But while we might not be planning on emulating the bigger tricks, it’s reassuring to see the YT Decoy being subjected to some pretty extreme forces and apparently rolling away unharmed.

In the latest video, Jordie Lunn is playing in the mossy green woods of Vancouver Island. Sending it over some big road gaps, and down some chutes that you think look OK until the camera pans out. Even his trail dog seems to have second thoughts about following him.

Watch Jordie Lunn shredding the YT Decoy e-Bike

The woods look nice though…maybe we could do a slightly more wheels on the ground route?

On European soil, Adolf Silva’s video shows him riding in and around Barcelona. There are some sweet looking sandy trails that we’d quite like a go on, and some scary looking dirt jumps that we’d rather not, if you don’t mind, thank you. Of course, it’s all a piece of cake compared to the madness of Utah and Rampage, so slipping in a little backflip is no problem at all.

Watch Adolf Silva backflip the Decoy e-MTB

Heck. Well, if it’s all the same to you, we might just stick to using e-MTBs to reach more trails, despatch more hills, and get to the descents. But still, it’s great to see e-bikes becoming closer and closer in feel to their assist-free siblings.

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    Both fabulous edits, roll on August for my own Decoy, and of those of you who are considering it, the YT Rolling Circus is in the Forest of Dean and Gisburn Forest this month, no need to book as it’s simply a first come first ride kind of thing.

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