Shimano Brings App Controlled Tuning To E-MTB’s

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In standard trim, the SHIMANO STEPS E-8000 drive unit gives you a Boost, Trail and Eco modes, but with new firmware released today, riders get a higher degree of control over each mode and the ability to tune the characteristics via a connected smartphone or tablet.

Basically, the update brings 3 sub-modes to both Boost and Trail modes, these additional settings being a ‘factory default’ Dynamic mode, Explorer mode and Custom mode which also gives the extra ability to tune Eco too.

shimano steps update
Firmware update allows riders to tune SHIMANO’s Steps system

In the factory default Dynamic mode the E-8000 drive system will give the rider the maximum amount of boost available in Boost model but with a very low amount of assistance in Trail mode. Switching to Explorer will give riders slightly less top end in Boost but a little more power in Trail.

If those additional settings still don’t give you the power you want, or even if you want to get more ground covered and extend battery-life, you can head into the custom settings option and have a play around there.

shimano steps update
Here’s SHIMANO’s graphical explanation

Here’s what SHIMANO has to say about the updates and changes it brings to the E-8000 Step drive system;

Dynamic mode
In the ‘factory default’ Dynamic mode, the Boost setting (the maximum assistance level from the SHIMANO STEPS MTB system) will give riders a high level of pedal assistance whilst in Trail mode, riders will get a low level of assistance (relative to that mode). Eco mode will still give the most economical battery setting and the lowest assistance level.

Explorer mode
Now a new Explorer mode gives a medium level of Boost assistance and a medium level of Trail assistance, plus Eco mode. As most e-bike riding is done at a comfortable Trail pace, this is designed to boost normal riding pace but scrub off some top end speed for more control in tight technical sections.

Custom mode
In the Custom mode, riders can programme their own preferences, so, for example, a rider may choose a conservative low Boost and low Trail mode to conserve battery and extend riding time, or a high Boost and high Trail mode to maximise speed.”

If you have an E-MTB with Shimano STEPS system let us know if you’ve tried this update and how it changes the feel of your bike.

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