Pocketmags is the provider of the Singletrack magazine App in the iTunes store. They sell subscriptions and single issues via the app. However, we have worked with Pocketmags to create a system that allows existing Premier annual subscribers to access individual issues via the app as part of their subscription. To make this happen there are a number of things we have to do and we hope this page will explain the process.

App Instructions

Why do I have to opt in to access the App version of Singletrack?

Premier users who are on annual payment plans can choose to activate an account with our App provider, Pocketmags.
The reason we ask you to opt in to this feature of your subscription is because the creation of your Pocketmags account involves us sending some basic information about you (Your email address) and your subscription information (Length of your current subscription and number of issues remaining) to Pocketmags. This is all done automatically once you opt in. We are committed to ensuring that all personal information provided to us by subscribers is protected and we won’t pass on any of your details without your explicit consent. For this reason we ask you to tick the Pocketmags subs account check box in your Premier User Profile before we pass on your details to Pocketmags.

How long does it take to set up my account?

The process is fairly quick and in most cases it will be almost instant – ie once you tick the box you will be able to access the lastest issue of Singletrack from within the app. However, our system and Pocketmags systems aren’t connected permanently and you should allow up to an hour for the connection to happen. If you have just bought a subscription from us it can take up to 24 hours to get all your information into our system from the time you make your payment. We can’t ‘hook you up’ with the App until we’ve got that sorted.

If you do purchase a digital copy of Singletrack through the app we cannot offer refunds, even if you are already a subscriber. Not because we don’’t want to but because you will have paid your money to Apple, who will pass some on to Pocketmags…who will eventually pass  smaller amount on to us. Undoing all of that is hugely complicated, so please make sure that you check to make sure you are not purchasing an issue through our App when you think you are accessing a subscriber copy.

Why can I only download one issue from the Pocketmags library?

The Pocketmags system is different to our Mag Archive system where you can download as many back issues as you like. There is a charge to us for each download made using the app and so it is not possible for us to operate the app in the same way we operate our own Mag Archive.

Each time we publish an issue through the app Pocketmags will connect to our database and check who is a current subscriber. If you pass the test then Pocketmags will make that issue available to you to download. This can’t happen with back issues and so you will be able to download the latest issue only.

If you want to download an older back issue from the Pocketmags Library you will need to purchase those copies separately. Don’t forget that all our back issues are available to all Premier users to download for free from our own Mag Archive here on the site.

What if I don’t ‘opt in’ until half way through my subscription? Do I get extra credits?

I’m afraid we can only activate the latest issue in each Pocketmags account. We can’t backdate this process. But if you make sure you tick the box as soon as your Premier account is activated then you will get your full complement of 8 app issues over the year.

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