Thibaut Daprela Turns Privateer For 2024

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Having made something of a surprise move from Commencal Muc Off to Canyon at the end of last year, Thibaut Daprela has now announced he’s leaving Canyon for life as a privateer. His Instagram profile still lists Monster Energy, Fizik and Ride 100 Percent as sponsors.

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I will race in 2024 as a privateer as it’s been decided mutually to end my partnership with Canyon Factory Racing.

See you at a race soon.

Thibaut Daprela Instagram

We have reached out to Canyon and Thibaut for comment.


Following a mutual agreement, we would like to inform the Downhill community that Canyon will no longer be the official bike sponsor of Thibaut Daprela. This decision has been aligned and carefully considered between Thibaut and Canyon. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Thibaut for his service to Canyon CLLCTV racing team and we wish him a healthy and successful season ahead.


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  • Thibaut Daprela Turns Privateer For 2024
  • BruceWee
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    One thing has nothing to do with the other.

    Loving other men’s talents has excused any number of violations over the years. Time to stop putting people on pedestals.

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    Slightly ironic that the ‘mutual agreement’ is done here, but – if the rumours are true – not done everywhere.

    Full Member

    That article seems to suggest that whoever Daprela blames for starting the rumours did so because he’d moved teams from Commencal to Canyon? I’ve not put the text through a translator (they often miss the nuance),  and its simple enough, but this

    Ces agissements m’ont fait beaucoup de mal mais également à mes proches et à ma famille ce qui démontre un comportement vil, déloyal et très loin des valeurs sportives. Jamais je n’aurais pu imaginer une telle campagne de dénigrement

    This has caused me and my family a lot of pain, which shows vile and disloyal behaviour and is unsporting. I could never have imagined such a smear campaign. 

    Which on the face of it, seems like a bit of joke, if that was the case,  you’d imagine that your new team would stand by you and not just throw you to the wolves just because some-one from the old team is just throwing a bit of shade. If I was Thibault’s lawyer I’d be telling him to STFU and stop talking to the press.

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    @weeksy , I hope that he’s learned from this experience, but he’s seriously tarnished his reputation in the paddock over here.

    There needn’t be any charge for his behaviour and abuse of position to create a toxic environment within a team

    There needn’t be any crime to make him non grata either.  Out of my deepest respect for the other person involved, I’m not going to expand on this.

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    I see he’s on the start list for this weekend.

    I don’t suppose it all turned out to be a huge misunderstanding and everything is cool but I just didn’t here about it?

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    I see he’s on the start list for this weekend.

    I don’t suppose it all turned out to be a huge misunderstanding and everything is cool but I just didn’t here about it?

    As he doesn’t have a team listed I suspect not.

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