Mont Sainte-Anne DH World Cup results and comment

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Here are the results from Round 7 of the World Cup DH series from Mont-Sainte Anne, Canada.

Finn Iles performs in 2019 (Nathan Hughes)

Junior Women

1. Phoebe Gale: 5:09.22
2. Izabela Yankova: 5:16.084
3. Gracey Hemstreet: 5:16.805

Junior Men

1. Jackson Goldstone: 4:13.766 – WORLD CUP SERIES WINNER
2. Jordan Williams: 4:17.566
3. Bodhi Kuhn: 4:20.302

Elite Women

1 Vali Höll: 4:56.012
2. Nina Hoffmann: 4:59.159
3. Eleonora Farina: 5:00.522

Elite Men

1. Finn Iles: 4:11.717
2. Laurie Greenland: 4:11.955
3. Troy Brosnan: 4:15.221

You guessed it right… we did live commentary again! This time for Downhill. Live updates from the World Cup racing on Saturday late-afternoon/early-evening were via this story’s the comments section!

Scroll on down and revisit in the #gravitybantz and relive the drama of the race.

Elite Women – Overall standings after 7 rounds

  1. Camille Balanche 1335
  2. Vali Holl 1,216
  3. Myriam Nicole 1,155

Elite Men – Overall standings after 7 rounds

  1. Amaury Pierron 1,245
  2. Finn Iles 996
  3. Loris Vergier 758

Junior Women – Overall standings after 7 rounds

  1. Gracey Hemstreet 380
  2. Phoebe Gale 355
  3. Jenna Hastings 250

Junior Men – Overall standings after 7 rounds

  1. Jackson Goldstone 400 – SERIES WINNER
  2. Jordan Williams 326
  3. Lachlan Stevens-McNab 271

These were my predictions

I’ll kicked off the #gravitybantz with some unwise predictions of the winners.

Junior Women:

Who I would like to win: Gracey Hemstreet
Who I think will win: Gracey Hemstreet

Junior Men:

Who I would like to win: Jordan Williams
Who I think will win: Jackson Goldstone

Elite Women:

Who I would like to win: Vali Hoell
Who I think will win: Nina Hoffman

Elite Men:

Who I would like to win: Finn Iles
Who I think will win: Amaury Pierron

So… 1 out of 4 then. Back to my day job.

Still, we will hopefully do another live comment follow-along for the World Champs at Val Di Sole at the end of this month. See you then!

What did you think of the racing from MSA?

You know what to do…

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  • Mont Sainte-Anne DH World Cup results and comment
  • desperatebicycle
    Free Member

    What a race, that was properly exciting stuff! Unlucky Laurie, Finn was on it, storming run. Hapoy for the young fella. 😁

    Full Member

    Finn Iles winning wasn’t massively surprising but the Overall going down to the final round of the World Cup season definitely was.

    All eyes on the World Champs now (August 24-28th) the race that doesn’t matter yet really, really does.

    Free Member


    Full Member

    What a race, and what a season so far.

    Full Member

    Without wishing to go down the cliched, obvious route… this is the best World Cup season of the modern era. Every race has been fascinating, exciting and full of surprises.

    Well done to Goldstone, Gale, Holl and Iles today.

    Full Member

    Cannot wait to see certain racers eyeballing each other at the World Champs (Gale & Hemstreet, Goldstone & Williams, Holl & Nicole, Pierron & Iles…) Grudge match central.

    Full Member

    Finn’s Chain was off pedalling out of the rocks at about 3.25. Bananas.

    Full Member

    Goldstone and Williams both inside Elite podium times.

    Free Member

    Amazing race. Hope Minnaar is ok after that crash, Pierron also.

    Full Member

    Had Laurie in my fantasy team on Pink Bike, but can’t help feeling chuffed for Finn finally doing it. Been on the cusp for so long but always in Loic’s shadow.

    Full Member

    It was a brilliant race, I’ve loved watching it this year.

    I’m a casual fan though who has only seen DH racing here and there until this year. I’ve got a couple of things that I don’t quite get with the TV coverage… Is it actually 100% live? There always seems to be a section of track missing (typically the first quarter or so) that just seems to be skipped. They’ll come down the start ramp then round a few corners and then suddenly they’re the guts of 2 minutes down the track and some of it is not filmed at all – like Greenland’s looped manual the other week.

    I completely understand that they can’t film the whole track but the way it’s presented makes it seem like it’s slightly delayed from live then edited a bit to make it all work in one continuous presentation. Is this what’s happening?


    Full Member

    Fantastic race.
    Not looking forward to what Disney have been hinting will happen to next years coverage. Glad Red Bull are going out on a high note.

    Full Member

    @andyp79 – the top half of each run is edited then the bottom half is live. Very clever stuff.

    Full Member

    Cheers! I thought I was going insane.


    Full Member

    Just caught up.

    Felt appropriate having just flatted today and destroyed a tyre on my trail bike. MSA is gnarly.

    What a race.

    Massive FOR Finn that, I bet they partied hard.

    Little bit gutted Greenland of course. But amazing for Finn and the crowd must have been nuts.

    Full Member

    Was lucky enough to get to MSA for the DH and walk the course. Fantastic watching the racers take practise runs. Finn Iles was out on foot at 9:30am rechecking his lines. Crowd went wild when he won. You could just feel his speed as he swept by. So smooth too. Laurie Greenland had the beat scrub over the step up approaching the end of the course. Could barely see daylight between him and the ground. Awesome.

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