DH World Cup Round 2 – Fort William Race Preview

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When you’re trying to pick the winner of a DH race, there are two factors that help guide you towards your decision: form and history. Amaury Pierron, the winner of Round One in Lourdes a few weeks ago, was also the winner of the 2018 and 2019 World Cups at Fort William and in 2019 he set the fastest time I can ever recall anyone descending Aonach Mor, a simply stunning 4:28.5. So that’s that then, Pierron wins. If only racing was so simple…

All photos: Red Bull Content Pool

Oh how we’ve missed this!
Winner of Round 1 and the 2018 and 2019 Fort William World Cups Amaury Pierron is the hot favourite this weekend

Since that day in 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic has denied the Highlands another World Cup visit, and it’s been missed. There’s no other track like Fort William. It’s not steep or particularly difficult to ride, plenty of people have descended it on a trail bike without issue and aside from the road gap, which is only open on World Cup weekend, there are no big features to fear. It’s a bugger to race though. The challenge lies in the length – it’s the longest track on the World Cup circuit, and the terrain – granite bedrock which hasn’t been polished smooth like your kitchen worktop, quite the opposite in fact. As soon as you leave the boardwalk section roughly a minute into the track it’s relentless until you get to the woods. There are no smooth sections to give your arms a rest, your choice is simple: either hit the rocks or hop them. Either way, it’s exhausting. By the time you get to the Deer Gate your legs and arms are burning and you’re still only halfway. There’s more granite, the woods and the motorway still to come…

Granite, granite and more granite. Adam Brayton trying to find a line.

Rumour has it that they might take the old line from the Deer Gate which is physically more demanding and will potentially give the riders a different entry to the woods. 

5 x World Champion Loic Bruni has only podiumed once before in Fort William

So, who does history tell us has done well here then? It’s no surprise that Greg Minnaar has more wins than anyone else. With seven, he’s actually got more than everyone else lining up this weekend combined. As he proved in Val di Sole last year, Minnaar can win anywhere, but if he’s going to win a World Cup at 40 years of age, history tells us it’s likely to be here.

Greg Minnaar has more wins than all the other racers combined

Between them Pierron and Minnaar have won every race dating back to 2014. Troy Brosnan was victorious then but he’s at home, still recovering from a broken ankle sustained at Australian National Champs. Gee Atherton (2013 winner) is still recovering from throwing himself off the side of a cliff, which leaves Aaron Gwin (2012 winner) as the last of the current racers to be victorious.  

Finn Isles about to drop down ‘the wall’ and into the finish arena

What about form then? Well, Finn Isles has had a great start to the season winning seeding and eventually finishing fourth at the pre-season race in Brioude and second at the first World Cup. He won here as a Junior in 2016 and podiumed here in 2019. Also on that podium in 2019 were Loris Vergier and Danny Hart. Of the Brits competing this weekend Hart could be the man to watch. There was a British 1,2,3 at the National in Fort William a fortnight ago with Hart taking the win, Laurie Greenland second and Matt Walker third. Danny invests a lot into Fort William, spending 2 weeks there in the camper ahead of that race. He doesn’t ride every day but still… Unfortunately for him, winning the National that generally precedes the World Cup doesn’t seem to translate into World Cup victories.

Loris Vergier goes well here

It was a stacked field though and Vergier, Daprela and Minnaar were all within the Top 7. Loris looked lightning fast in Lourdes before a small crash, as did Thibaut who won the Junior Men’s race Fort William in 2019. What about Bruni? Well, as he said in our most recent episode of the pod, he sucks at Fort William. Just one podium in all his years racing here but he’s set himself a target to do well at the Bill this year and I think he might make that two this weekend. Then there’s Reece Wilson who’s podiumed at Fort William before and Luca Shaw and Benoit Coulanges who were both on the podium in Lourdes? The field is deep and we could go on all day but expect the winner to be someone who’s been on the podium at Fort William at least once before.

Winner of the National round in early May, Danny Hart is a definite contender this weekend

That might not be the case in the Women’s race though. Rachel Atherton has won 4 of the last 7 races down Aonach Mor but she won’t line up this weekend. Yet to feel strong enough after the birth of her daughter she won’t race until she knows she’s ready. Tahnee Seagrave was the only other previous winner who could line up in the start gate this weekend. She’s out though after a training crash left her with a concussion. So, that means we’ll have a new winner. Camille Balanche has only competed at Fort William once before finishing seventh in 2019. She’s improved a huge amount since then though and won the first round in Lourdes so she’s a definite contender this weekend. 

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Women’s podium 2019

Nina Hoffmann was third in 2019 and won the National, finishing nearly seven seconds ahead of Vali Hoell. Hoffmann’s time of 5:18 was only three seconds off Atherton’s winning time in 2019 and whilst the woods might’ve been a little different, they don’t change that much and given Pierron’s time in 2019, we know the track was running fast. Hoell is a contender but goes better elsewhere. She only lost twice in her two Junior seasons, once was here where Anna Newkirk put 3.5 seconds into her. 

The iconic start hut, where it all begins

The favourite must be Myriam Nicole. Pompon has been racing in the Highlands since 2007 and despite never winning, has been second four times.  

In Junior Men Jordan Williams is possibly the biggest favourite of the weekend. At the National he laid down a 4:34.94 which would’ve been good enough for second in Elite and was nearly nine seconds quicker than his main rival and winner of Round One, Jackson Goldstone. 

Aside from Phoebe Gale, all the other competitors in the Junior Women’s race are coming to Fort William blind. There’s a lot to learn in a weekend, especially if you’re tucked away in B-Practice. Any of them getting close to her this weekend will do well. 

The weather? Well, it’s not looking great with heavy showers predicted across the weekend which might play to the Brits’ advantage.

Whatever the weather, the fans will be out in force

Five talking points:

  1. Fort William has never been won on a mullet and Minnaar is one of the remaining few riders on a full 29. Can he keep that record alive this weekend?
  2. Or, will Amaury Pierron get the three-peat? Much as he’s the favourite, racing doesn’t always go that way…
  3. Can Loic Bruni turn his Fort William fortunes around?
  4. Who will be the first time winner in the Women’s field?
  5. Where will Jordan Williams’ time stack up in Elite Men?
Men’s podium 2019

Watch it here:

Live finals schedule on Red Bull TV:

DH Women

The Women’s Elite final takes place on Sunday, 22 May, at 12:30pm (UK).

DH Men

The Men’s Elite final takes place on Sunday, 22 May, at 1:30pm (UK). 

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  • DH World Cup Round 2 – Fort William Race Preview
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    So what happened to Bernard Kerr – Qualified 5th but no where in the race, and then not pedalling at the bottom but his chain looked fine !

    According to his vlog his chain guide jammed up part way down before breaking off entirely by the finish.

    Premier Icon Simon
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    Gotta say I’m a bit worried about MTB race coverage via Discovery/GMBN next year

    Looks like it will now include EWS as well with Discovery etc providing the coverage and ESO Sports (Chris Ball) taking on the organisation of the events.

    I’m undecided so will wait and see.. on the one hand paying for something you’ve had for free for so long sticks in the craw a bit (see Strava) but on the other if they can pool resources and investment across XC/DH/Enduro they might raise the bar for coverage (fingers crossed!). Sounds like RW is not currently on board for next year though..

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