POC Consort MTB Dungaree review

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Dungarees for mountain biking? Yes, that’s a thing. Chief overall wearer Hannah tests out the POC Consort MTB dungaree.

Brand: POC
Product: Consort MTB Dungaree
From: poc-sports.com
Price: £450.00
Tested: by Hannah for 2 months

Three things I’d change

  • The colour – something less staining would be better.
  • The price – I could live with losing a few features to save a few quid.
  • The bum – I want these to last for ever, so some extra reinforcement against grinding grit would be welcome.

Three things I loved

  • Being the right temperature all over – no cold legs sticking out, or cold draughts getting in.
  • The cut of the legs is spot on (for me).
  • Getting to wear dungarees even more often. Down with waistbands!

I’m not sure which I hate buying more: shoes, or trousers. Get shoes wrong and you end up with two receptacles for your feet that rub and hurt, cost quite a lot, and can’t be returned because by the time you’ve discovered they hurt you’ve already worn them outside. Trousers don’t usually make it past the till, because there are so many ways in which they won’t fit: too short, too tight in the hip but too big in the waist, too tight everywhere, too low in the bum, too tapered, too flared. Don’t go shopping with me. You’ve been warned.

Demonstrating dungaree qualifications.

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Review Info

Brand: POC
Product: Consort MTB Dungarees
From: pocsports.com
Price: £450
Tested: by Hannah for 2 months
Author Profile Picture
Hannah Dobson

Managing Editor

I came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. I like all bikes, but especially unusual ones. More than bikes, I like what bikes do. I think that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments. I try to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

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  • POC Consort MTB Dungaree review
  • Sui
    Free Member

    saw a bearded hipster, check shirt, sant cruz rider, sipping artisan coffee in them surrey hills sporting some of these – i thought it was pee-take at first.

    Full Member

    I would love a pair of those for my Cargodale winter riding.
    I cant justify the price.

    Free Member

    A friend once told me that POC stands for Poncey Overpriced Crap.

    Full Member

    @johnjn2000 Hi, sorry not sure what went wrong with the link. If you search Amazon for “Olata
    Heavy Duty X-Shape Airport Braces with Plastic Clips, 4cm” you should get to it.
    They are £14.99

    Full Member

    Cheers @davidd I will be purchasing

    Free Member

    God, you lot are miserable.

    I really like the idea of riding in dungarees. High enough to keep 90% of the crap off you, but infinitely breathable. For riding in sloppy conditions, they’d be absolutely perfect. Layer up on top as much as you like.

    £450 is crazy, of course, but as bit of kit I reckon they’d be ace. Someone @ me when they get to <£200 on SportPursuit please!

    The thing is, if these were release by E.g. Regatta or Decathlon or whatever, they’d be instantly untrendy. Whatever you think of POC, at least by the time dungarees get to an acceptable pricepoint, they won’t look quite so ridiculous as they’ve had some pros looking good in them in all the POC media. Even if you don’t intend to buy at £450 or even half that, POC are doing you a favour!

    Full Member

    Already down to £280 on Derporvillage.net

    Free Member

    I really like the idea of riding in dungarees. High enough to keep 90% of the crap off you, but infinitely breathable. For riding in sloppy conditions, they’d be absolutely perfect. Layer up on top as much as you like.

    Got to agree with this. I think the idea is better than an all in one as it’s more flexible so you can vent more

    Free Member

    How do you pee in a dungaree?

    Full Member

    Not recommended. Pee in the toilet, or behind a bush and out of sight is better.

    Full Member

    Who actually buys POC stuff anyway?

    I’ve got POC mtb shorts that just seem bombproof and some road stuff and really like it and it fits me well but I have always bought it in their sale at half price on their website.

    It’s really the same as who pays full price for Assos and Rapha

    Free Member

    Nice bike…what is it ?

    Full Member

    @ceept good shout. I also ordered a pair of the flecktarn trousers.

    Full Member

    @thebees Pipedream Sirius, as featured in issue 141 of the mag, coming soon!

    there is a fly, should you be constructed in such a way to be able to use that.

    Full Member

    £450.00 is insane.  I can  only assume that is it to make the sale prices feel a bit more acceptable.  I can’t imagine how small the market is for people with that level of cash to drop on this.  Some folks no doubt have it but I can’t think of any of my friends who would

    Free Member

    Would this help the person who snapped a zip pull?

    Full Member

    Trev & Simon called (ask your parents kids) and they want their trousers back.

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