Back From The Dead – Building Bargain Dirt Jump Bikes

‘If the kids are out riding, they will never be divided! ‘  Sham69 sang that (or something fairly similar) back in 1978 and it still rings true today! Man am I glad I’m not being raised as a kid in 2021. My generation is the last to be able to remember a world without internet and we’re definitely better for it. I can still remember being stood in the garden and hearing the ungodly squeal of dad’s new dial up internet in the attic, connecting for the first time, the sound of a rapidly changing world seared across my eardrums in real time!  The way I see it the early 90’s were the last golden age to be a child. As a kid I had freedoms that if I had my own kids today I wouldn’t be able to give them even if I wanted to. There were two older kids than me who lived up the road, Gavin and Jamie (shout out Gav for still riding every weekend all these years later!), and we used to spend every day OUTSIDE! There were a couple of primary schools within a few minutes walk of our houses, and many an hour was whiled away playing “Relivo Save All” and “Manhunt” (no not the controversially violent video game, the perfectly innocent children’s game). There was a field behind the library, across the road from our houses. This was our sanctuary whenever it was a bit too late to go to one of the … Continue reading Back From The Dead – Building Bargain Dirt Jump Bikes

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