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Hope Union, a trio of new SPD pedals to suit gravity, race and trail riders

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Hope Technology has announced a trio of SPD pedals suited to gravity, race and trail riding.

The new Hope Union pedal range has been announced with an SPD/clipless pedal model to suit most riding styles. The Union is a dual-sided pedal featuring a CNC machined body and stainless steel components to ensure long life and resist corrosion. Each model in the range uses the same axle internals as the F20 flat pedal with 3 sealed bearings and a norglide bush for smooth running, and even aftermarket Titanium axle upgrades will be available at some point in the future.

hope union race
Hope Union Race pedal

Hope will supply each Union pedal with 2 cleat options. Number 4 cleat gives 4° of free float and has a 12° release angle, number 5 cleat gives 5° of free float and has a 13° release angle, no. 5 cleat also has an increased release effort for aggressive riding. Both cleats also allow 2mm of lateral (side to side) float.

The new Hope Union range consists of the Union RC, Union TC and Union GC;

  • Union RC – Race Clip, a small platform designed for decreased weight (324g)
  • Union TC – Trail Clip, a larger platform with 4 pins per side for increased contact with the shoe sole and greater stability for more aggressive riding (437g)
  • Union GC – Gravity Clip, a large platform with the option of 7 pins per side or footplates to give maximum contact between the shoe and pedal and so provide the greatest stability (498g)

Hope Union pedal features

  • Dual mechanism designed for easy pedal entry, secure cleat holding and positive, consistent release
  • Dual sided
  • 3 models to suit intended use
  • Fully CNC Machined pedal bodies
  • Stainless steel clips and cleats
  • 2 cleat options give 4° or 5° of free float and 12° or 13° release angle respectively
  • Large shoe/pedal contact area for maximum power transfer and stability
  • Replaceable pins for increased grip on Union TC (8 pins) and Union GC (14 pins) Pedals
  • Foot plate option on Union GC Pedal for maximum shoe/pedal contact
  • Q-Factor – 55mm
  • Pedals run on three cartridge bearings and a norglide bush for smooth long term durability
  • Fully serviceable and re-buildable
  • Axle is high strength Cr-Mo, heat treated and plated. Titanium axle upgrades available.
  • Available in 6 colour options
Hope Union Cleat
Hope Union Cleat

Hope Union availability

Customers are able to order their Union pedals from dealers today with the first batch hitting stores in September.

Prices (rrp)

  • Union RC – £150, €185 ,$190
  • Union TC – £150, €185 ,$190
  • Union GC – £160, €195 ,$200
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  • Hope Union, a trio of new SPD pedals to suit gravity, race and trail riders
  • sillyoldman
    Full Member

    Bearing, rails and cleats wore very quickly for me on Atacs, so switched back to SPDs.

    Full Member

    Cleat looks a little like TIME.

    However, seeing as my Time pedals are 24 years old, and I have sets on 4 Bikes, and have never needed to do any service work on them, or on my Knees, I’ll stick to Time.

    But saying that why all the fuss over the cleat? Crank Bros. have there own cleat, time has there own cleat, and if you look at road bikes, every brand has multiple cleats.

    Free Member

    The difference is, Crank Bros bread and butter is pedals, they’re not going to stop making them overnight.

    Hope had a reputation for really good support of legacy products. However, as the Hope cassette shows, that’s no longer the case. If you’re buying something with wearing parts, you want to know they’re going to be available long term.

    Not saying it’s going to be a problem, but you’d be pissed if you bought 3 sets of these for all your bikes, then finding 5 years down the line, you can’t get cleats.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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