North American Scrap Lumber Bicycle Symposium | Bike Check

Pushing the boundaries of bicycle technology, taking innovation to the next level, and setting new standards, it’s Hannah and Fahzure’s lockdown creation. No, it’s not a baby, a sourdough loaf, or a pizza oven: it’s a bike made from wood.

With so many cancellations of events, there were no creative outlets left. Frame builders and artisan welders were left with no option but to create YouTube how-to videos, or go and ride their bikes. Frustration was mounting, and there was a risk that it would lead to a sudden proliferation of new bicycle standards as so many brilliant minds were left to work without structure or distraction.

Recognising the risk to the future well being of mechanics around the world, Bicycle Pubes launched an event that is as much humanitarian effort as it is a showcase of craft and skill: the North American Scrap Lumber Bicycle Symposium (NASLBS). The rules were simple: it had to be made of scrap wood you already have; no welding was allowed; it must have expensive wheels. Clarification of the rules was sought, and it was confirmed that bamboo did not count as wood. In addition, the requirement for expensive wheels was dropped, but all entries had to be accompanied by a donation to World Bicycle Relief.

With the Diversion Diaries concluded and partner BK (aka Fahzure Freeride) safely quarantined at home with me, I found myself with time on my hands and plenty of wood. A plan was formed: we would participate in NASLBS, with our own home crafted entry. It would be the pinnacle of bike design, setting a template for the future of the bike industry. Every possible detail would be considered, with the finished product a bike that would be a true quiver killer: from bike park to bike packing, whether down country, back country or alt country, there would be a design feature to improve your ride experience. Come with us now and check out the result.

North American Scrap Lumber pallet bike
Are you ready to behold this creation?