Cane Creek Joins The Tie Dye Revolution With Rainbow eeWings cranks

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Like a spaceship in a silk suit

Want some? Do you? Do you sir? Want some? In tie dye? Those titanium cranks? Ooh! Sir! Suits you sir!

Yes, just when you thought that Cane Creek’s titanium, north-of-a-grand, super-cranks couldn’t get any more outrageous, it has decided to colour things up and join the rainbow revolution that has caught the imagination of many companies and riders this year. With SRAM’s new AXS coming with a rainbow chain and cassette, DMR making rainbow, oilslick Vault pedals and everyone seems to be getting in on the act. Rainbow appears to be the colour of 2019!

cane creek eewings tie dye
The colour of unicorn tears

According to Cane Creek, the eeWings Tie-Dye are made from the same high-grade titanium as the standard eeWings cranks and are hand-finished in a striking blue to purple tie-dye colour to give each crank a unique character. This hand finishing means that every pair of cranks will be different.
 “We initially did a single set of tie-dye cranks for a bike that was part of our Eurobike display,” said Brent Graves, president and CEO of Cane Creek. “But when we saw them we just said to ourselves, ‘These are too cool, we’ve got to do more of them’. The incredible reaction we saw from the cranks at the show just confirmed that for us.”

Rainbowdacious, dude!

Like the traditional eeWings Mountain cranks, the eeWings Tie-Dye have a titanium 30mm spindle and are compatible with BSA73mm, PF92/PF89.5 and 392EVO bottom brackets, as well as PF30 and BB30 bottom brackets with outboard bearing configurations and, are a perfect match with Cane Creek’s recently announced Hellbender bottom bracket.
All eeWings cranks are designed to keep up with the rigorous demands of the most aggressive riders – though they will benefit any rider who puts a premium on durability, stiffness, and weight. Which is why we got our tallest and heaviest contributor, Barney, to test them for us recently
The eeWings Tie-Dye get the same ten year limited warranty as the traditional eeWings. Changes and wear to the colour are expected as the cranks are ridden and will not be covered by the warranty.  An optional clear adhesive surface protector will be included in the box to help ensure that the finish lasts over the course of regular use. Or you can wear them out with your shoes to prove that you’ve been riding them.

They’re due in the UK in November and they will retail for £1100 a pair. Despite the price, demand will probably be high as they’re only making a few of them. So if you want some rainbow Ti cranks, don’t hang around.

Are oil slick finishes...

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