27.2 dropper posts | 8 upgrades for your old school mountain bike frame

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27.2 dropper posts are not common but if you have an older mountain bike frame you will most likely need a 27.2 dropper post, or will you be needing to buy a whole new bike to take advantage of the benefits of a dropper post. While the options are certainly more limited, and you won’t get anything in a huge 170mm drop, there are a few different 27.2in dropper posts to choose from. So, no new bike for you, just yet.

1. Brand X Ascend 27.2 dropper post

Brand X Ascend 27.2
Nice paddle style actuator

Available as 105mm or 125mm drops, this is an externally routed seatpost with paddle style actuator. We reviewed the 31.6x125mm drop version here.

2. Gravity Dropper

Gravity dropper Issue 97
Remember Issue 97 of Singletrack Magazine? We reviewed this then.

Available as small as a 26.8in diameter, the 27.2in option comes in a two, three or four inch drop. The Turbo LP is a little lighter than the Classic, and claims to be a whole 900% stronger! If you’re ordering from the USA, you’ll need to watch out for customs charges. The website is a little old school and slightly bonkers, but there is handy chart for figuring out which product might suit you best.

3. KS Crux 27.2 dropper post

KS Crux 27.2 Screenshot Jungle
100mm only – no other options.

This post is only available in a 100mm drop, but it is one of the cheaper options on offer, and sits in between the two other 27.2 droppers from KS.

4. KS Eten

  • Price: £110 (External), £130 (Internal)
  • From: Jungle
KS E-Ten budget 27.2 dropper screenshot jungle
Slightly longer drop on the internally route option.

This is designed as a budget dropper with handlebar remote and is certainly the cheapest 27.2 dropper option we’ve found. The internally routed option has a longer drop of 120mm, while the externally routed one comes in a 100mm drop.

5. KS Lev 272

KS LEV 272 Issue 101
We reviewed one of these way back in Issue 101 of the magazine.

The priciest of the KS 27.2 dropper options, this one is available in 65, 100 or 125mm drops with internal routing, or 100mm only and external routing.

6. PNW Components

PNW 27.2 Dropper post
Choose internal or externally routed.

Available in both internal (the Rainier) and externally (the Pine) routed options, both come in 90 or 110mm drops. There’s also a roadie conversion kit, so you can fit this to your drop bar gravel bike, or maybe even to your road bike if you have difficulty getting on and off with your saddle set at the perfect pedalling height.

7. Thomson Elite 27.2 Dropper

27.2 dropper
27.2 x 125mm drop.

This is only available as a 125mm drop, and only as an externally routed option. Its cartridge based system is designed to be long lasting but easy to repair. Though at the price you’d likely be hoping not to need to do too many repairs.

8. X-Fusion Manic Gravel 50

The Manic comes with a paddle actuator.

Designed for use on aggressive gravel bikes, this only has 50mm of drop, which might have you wondering if it’s worth it on a mountain bike, but it’s there as our 8th option in this round up.

There we go…eight options to get your saddle dropping. Have you spotted any others? Is there anything longer than 125mm out there in the marketplace? Maybe you’ve tried one of the ones above? Let us know in the comments below if you think we’re missing a trick.

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Comments (8)

    A handy and well timed summary of options for my A La Carte hardtail, thanks STW!

    You’ve missed off the T Mars post. I’ve been using this dropper and it’s given me 3 years of great service to date.

    Gravity Dropper FTW.
    Got mine second hand 6 years ago (from here, natch) and it’s worked flawlessly ever since. So easy to work on, and parts are dirt cheap.


    Good article, something often overlooked. I struggled like hell to find a dropper that worked on my old 29er Genesis! Loved that bike but ultimately the main reason I got rid. Glad there are better options out there now

    Brand X Ascend II is internally routed. It comes with a cyclocross style lever, which mounts on the wide part of the bar by the stem, for use on drop handlebars. Otherwise it seems to be a good product so far. I’ve used mine in the mud of Hit The North this year, and it survived that.

    I do want to get a lever that fits next to the shifter though.

    +1 for gravity dropper. Engineering simplicity and built to last.

    I too am using a 5 year old ( to me) 2nd hand gravity dropper.
    It’s sooo simple, works a treat..
    Since I’ve bent it slighly it’s been stuck in the seat tube for 3 years. If it needs attention I’ll have to cut it out

    There’s the DT 232 as well. Upside-down, 60mm, 369g

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