On the Rampage: Behind Freeride’s Biggest Freakshow

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Everyone knows about the riders of the Red Bull Rampage; the drops and hucks. but no one ever sees the hundreds of faithful fans who camp in the Utah desert and trek miles to watch and help make it the spectacle it is.


issue 103, red bull, rampage

Probably the first things you’ll notice are the contrasts:

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Comments (5)

    So Premier content is repeating stuff from the mag a couple of issues back?
    Hmmm. Seems lazy to me.

    Hey eddiebaby we try to get our content out in as many forms as possible, part of that is publishing mag features on the website.

    I understand that Sarah. I’m just surprised that it was from such a short time ago and also that most people won’t have already seen it in the mag if they are a Premier subscriber, be it a digital or combi sub.
    Is it not actually for the Premier subs folk but just to entice in new subscribers?
    If so maybe branding it differently would be an option.
    The piece with Nathan last time round about his preferred shots was truely excellent.
    This felt weak.
    I spent 30 years in sports mag publishing and understand the pressures. I now work on newspapers and am aware of the digital emphasis, this just didn’t work for me. Different folks eh?

    BTW. Love the mag and the forum.

    Thanks for the feedback eddiebaby, it’s always appreciated.

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