Throwback Thursday – I do not want what I have not got

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Roly Lambert tries justifying to himself the ‘n+1’ theory of bike ownership.

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Sinead O’Connor released an album called ‘I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.’ Sinead O’Connor is not, I suspect, a mountain biker.

I haven’t bought a complete bike since 2003, and that was in a too-small size. Still got it, but it sits quietly in a corner of the garage until its bi-annual outing along a nice flat trail. Everything else for me has been either a frame or a rolling chassis. (I love the way Kleins were sold described as a ‘fuselage’, not frame ‘n’ forks). Depending on my finances, I’ve usually bought sensible mid-range models or spunky frames that needed matching with suitable components, in the same way that a fine diner would want to show respect for their bisque by drinking a perfectly compatible wine [probably a Chardonnay – Alcohol Ed].

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I haven’t got some deep-seated insecurity that can only be appeased by owning lots of bikes at once. I don’t get them for free. I’m not a high earner looking for serenity. But they’re all mine (now shops no longer accept post-dated cheques as payment). I’m not up to my eyes in credit card debt. I just really like bikes. Really.

*phrase copyrightYoGrant, Eastbourne.

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