Bike Rafting With the Pro’s – Part 1

by truls 12

Or how Sanny learned not to drown with a bike.

When it comes to sports involving water, I have something of a sceptical relationship. My swimming abilities can be kindly described as those of a brick with a bigger brick tied to its leg. Unfortunately, my Dad’s lifesaving Poseidon like genes appear to have skipped a generation. For those who recall the Public Information cartoons of the seventies, I’m definitely more Dave than Mike who swims like a fish. Despite this, I’ve always been strangely drawn to giving adventures on the water a go. Cue an excited e-mail from my good friend Gary extoling the virtues of a new sport being pioneered in Alaska by a growing group of Fat Bike riding mountain bike explorers, Bike Rafting. A search of t’interweb and a call to Dave at Bothy Bikes later and Gary and I were booked with the UK’s only professional guides specializing in pack rafting training, Rob and Andy at based out of Aviemore.

Bike rafting in Scotland

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Comments (12)

  1. Looks amazing – definitely on my list of things to do.

  2. Alex

    It’s a real hoot to do. There’s a reason for the cheesy grins in the pics!

    I’m planning a return trip with the guys as it was just so much fun. A river based multi day trip is hopefully on the cards.

    I found Andy and Rob to be excellent guides and great company for the weekend. I went as a paying customer and came back enthused by the experience. It was absolutely worth every penny.



  3. I’d love to have a go. Especially, if they guarantee weather like that!

  4. Looks amazing, not often envious but the weather…

  5. looks fun with a capital F deffo going into the bucket list!!

  6. LOL! I forgot about the SPAKERS!! Fantastic weekend, hopefully do it again this summer.

  7. It’s just ridiculously good fun. We rode trails that I didn’t know existed despite being a regular visitor to the area and if you think fat bikes get attention, it’s nothing compared to packrafts! You don’t need wilderness to have fun despite the wilderness perception that some folk may have about using packrafts.

  8. How happy does Gary look?

  9. I’m struggling to resist the Loch Maree tour they are doing. I expect I may give up the struggle sometime this summer.
    It just looks like such good craic – and I live right next to a river which would be ideal for riding up and gently floating back down on.

  10. Good article this- thanks Singletrack!
    I now want an inflatable kayak. Any recommendations?
    Oh and how much are they?

  11. Alpaca seem to be the market leader and have the greatest experience. The design is different from a dinghy which isn’t shaped like a packraft. They both float but there is a world of difference. eBay is probably a good bet if you don’t want to spend $800. Of course, trying it first is always a good idea!

  12. If you want the super cheap version of packrafting check out Dave and Sim’s Lake District adventure “Faked Alaska” in Issue 74

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