Calling All Owners Of Fox Equipped Mondraker Summums – We Need You!

by Matt Letch 4

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Calling all owners of Fox equipped, Mondraker Summums – we need you!

How do you fancy spending 3 days riding and learning set-up, technical, riding and racing tips from Monsieur Fabien Barel?

Fabien will be coming over to the UK in November to host the first edition of what he plans will be a twice (or more) yearly DH racing/riding school.

As sponsor of Fabien’s Mondraker Mojo factory team both this year and next, we’re co-hosting the school which will be held at Cwmcarn near the Mojo headquarters, from Friday the 5th of November to Sunday the 7th of November. Because it’s the inaugural event we’ll also be providing MUCH swag! Each Fox 40RC2 equipped Summum owner will get an upgrade to the new 2011 inverted cartridge worth £250 at retail! We’ll also fit what we deem to be the correct spring both front and rear (£79 at retail) and revalve rear shocks to Fab’s ‘team’ specs. Mojo’s technicians will also be on hand to make the geometry changes and suspension tweaks necessary to get the best out of this amazing bike/suspension package.

The first day will be focussed on the basics, trying to get riders into the correct riding position, bike controls set correctly and assessing the rider levels (and bad habits!). Each person will be assessed by Fabien and changes made to his recommendations. The second day will build on those initial changes to rider and bike and will include a much more in depth technical seminar on the role of suspension and geometry in bike handling (don’t worry, we’ll be quick! We want to ride too!). The final day will be more tailored to getting each rider up to speed and will focus on technique, energy management, race prep, etc… Rowan Sorrell will also be on hand on the Sunday to help with riding coaching, demonstrating, translating!

There will be ‘classroom’ sessions and riding sessions every day (uplift provided) and we’ll provide sandwiches/snacks/drinks for lunch.

So, 3 days riding with the World’s most technically-minded, double World DH Champ with uplift? New 2011 cart’, springs, and revalved shock? How about £350!!

Call Chris at Mojo Suspension on 01633 615815 or Pete at Silverfish on 01752 843882 to book your place or to find out more.

We do realise it’s short notice but hey, he’s a had a bit of an injury in case you hadn’t heard! He’s now back to full strength (almost!) and we’ve managed to drag him over to Britain for a bit of November/South Wales weather!

Riders must provide their own accommodation/evening meals:

Holiday Inn Express Newport

The above hotel is within a few miles of both Mojo towers and Cwmcarn DH track.

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  1. That’s mega!!!!
    I wish I had a summum now!
    Good to see someone giving a bit back.

  2. Almost worth buying a Summum for that!

  3. I actually own a Summum, but it’s got Boxxers on it!

  4. Now that’s a cool idea. Hope it goes well.

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