24 Hours of Exposure – Challenge the Day

by Ben Haworth 0

After months of scribbling with their crayons, those bastions of cycling clothing design, Morvelo, have finally completed the classic jersey design that will be awarded to the very first 24 Hours of Exposure UK Champions.

With the jersey design finalised the UK’s first ever solo 24 hour mountain bike championship is certainly gathering pace, with lots of sponsors coming on board to make the event bigger and better.

Title sponsor Exposure Lights has also devised a cunning wheeze so that you can get your hands on the best lights in the business. In a unique deal for competitors you’ll be able to train with the lights in the weeks leading up to the event as well as use them during the event, a sort of try before you buy. If you don’t like them, then you can hand them back having just paid the hire fee. If you fall in love with them, then they’re yours for a special event price.

If you’ve never ridden a 24hr solo before and were thinking about it but are a bit daunted by all the help you might need, or the fact that you couldn’t face plugging away while fresh legged riders pelted past, now’s the time to check out the 24 Hours of Exposure. The highest placed 24hr solo rookie will receive their very own and unique “Morvelo Rookie” jersey, trophy and prizes.

The organisers have used their years of experience both on and off the bike, to provide an event that ticks all the right boxes for rookies and experienced endurance racers alike.

Starting on the morning of the race, you’ll be signing on in Newcastleton village square, where you’ll be introduced to the crowds, before heading over to the start line. The race will then proceed through the village, before you’re unleashed on the course proper and the race gets underway in earnest.

To ensure your race runs as smoothly as possible, there will be neutral trackside support for all. They’ve managed to get a whole host of sponsors who are happy to provide you with some essentials throughout the race, free of charge.

Whether it’s a hot drink to stave off the early morning chill whilst your bike gets a scrub, polish and lubing by Juice Lubes, or that extra kick from bottles of TORQ energy drink, maybe a couple of essential tweaks to machine and body, there will be help on hand.

So as you can see they’ve made taking your first step on the solo 24 hour ladder as easy as they can. You never know, next year that Championship jersey might be yours.

For full exciting event details and how to enter visit: www.24hoursolo.co.uk

Sponsors: Exposure Lights, Morvelo, Juice Lubes, TORQ Performance products, Joolze Dymond Photography, Rock UK, 7Stanes, XCRacer.com