Why Sign Up To The All New Singletrackworld Newsletter?

by Ben Haworth 0

Well as some of you may know, if you opt in to receive it (you can opt out at any time by unticking the box) then a voucher worth £25 off a box of wine at http://www.nakedwines.com will appear before your very eyes!

But apart from cheap booze why else should you tick that box?

The next edition of our newsletter is imminent (hence this thread) and it will contain a rundown of all the new “functionality” that Singletrackworld v2.0 offers you. Some of the more “clicky” types amongst you will have played around and explored some of cool stuff that our new website contains – or allows you to do – but a lot of you may not be so aware. You no doubt already enjoy our website but with this rundown you’ll be enjoying it a whole lot more!

What else?

Exclusive newsletter subscriber-only offers – including cool things like “pre-entry capability” into various MTB races and events as well as the usual discounts off Singletrack merchandise yadda-yadda-yadda.

What else? (jeez – you lot are hard to please!)

A “Readers Digest” style rundown of the most popular news stories of the past few weeks – so you won’t miss out on what’s been happening at the bleeding edge of the mountain bike world. And then there’s the return of The Forum Top 10 – a rundown of the ten most popular forum threads of the past few weeks.

So if you wish to receive our newsletter every 6 weeks, visit your profile page (by clicking on your username up there ^^^ or on the link below), click on the “Edit” blob in the top-right and on the subsequent page tick the box next to the legend “Would you like to receive our newsletter via email?” Simple. Ish 


P.S. We won’t pass your details on to anyone else. Cubs’ honour.