Turner Bikes – New Colours and Limited Edition Frames

by Ben Haworth 6

5 Spots now available in "RAW" finish option.

Silverfish have 20 limited Edition 5 Spot frames being delivered next month in yellow. These frames are strictly limited to 20 and once they are sold that’s it. There will be no more. In sizes small to XL. If you want one then pre-order yours with your local Turner Bikes dealer.

Limited Edition Yellow.

Or for a fee you can order your new Turner frame in even more custom colours.  All of which can be found at http://www.turnerbikes.com/09colors.html

The charges are…
+ £150 for the front end
+ £100 for the rear end
Delivery times may vary so please contact Silverfish for more info www.silverfish-uk.com

The new Turner 5 Spot is reviewed in the current issue of Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine.

Comments (6)

  1. lovely bikes, crafted effort in their design…….
    shame the £ has CRASHED against the $ making a Nicolai so much more economically sensible !

  2. Different head tube with additional reinforcement on that yellow Spot…Nice colour too.

  3. auric – possibly a smaller sized frame ?

  4. [geek] Fantastic welds. [/geek]

    Just a shame I haven’t found a DW link bike I like.

  5. British racing green front with yellow rear please Santa!

  6. I loved my Turner but some one stole it. A Nicolai may be cheaper but it’s a dog – they weigh a ton, probably more.

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