Beyond Glentress! Ali Chant looks at the less travelled trails in the Tweed Valley.

December 9th, 08 2 Views: 17,297 Categories: Southern Scotland


Brechfa Forest

Brechfa Forest and the Carmarthenshire Hills Chipps gets laundered by Welsh weather and eroded by the trails. And still has a good time.

December 9th, 08 Views: 14,446 Categories: Wales


South West Lake District

Benji drags Matt around one of the quieter areas of the Lake District.

December 9th, 08 Views: 15,879 Categories: North West England


East Midlands

Rob Fisk serves up three routes around the woods and fields of the East Midlands. Pics by Steve Makin and Chipps.

December 9th, 08 Views: 38,148 Categories: East Midlands


The Dark Peak

Sheffield local, Simon Richardson takes us from city centre to wild hills and back in our route guide with a difference.

December 9th, 08 Views: 21,709 Categories: East Midlands


The Isle Of Wight

Jenn and Jo enjoy a perfect summer’s day full of singletrack and ice cream on this little-ridden gem of an island. Words and pics by Jenn Hopkins.

December 9th, 08 Views: 30,924 Categories: South East England


The North Downs

The North Downs are a magnet for mountain bikers all over the South East. There’s just something about the variety of the trails here – the steep chalky drops, the thick forest, the loose sand, the dry and dusty, the wet and muddy, the manmade and the natural, the views, the dropoffs, the berms, and of course, the oodles of twisty singletrack. It all adds up to an addiction
that’s hard to shake. No wonder the North Downs is the South East’s main mountain bike playground. Words and pics by Simon Rastrick and Dean Taylor.

December 9th, 08 Views: 69,373 Categories: South East England



Benji Haworth takes us on a tour of known and new twists on and around Wales’ most famous mountain.

December 9th, 08 Views: 17,270 Categories: Wales


The South Downs

In our most southerly route ever, Jenn Hopkins has gone out of her way to show that the South Downs are way more than Ditchling Beacon and the South Downs Way. In fact, our Evil Route this issue should silence even the grumpiest of hill-loving northerners. There are hills down south – and more importantly, they’re covered in sweet singletrack. Words & photos by Jenn Hopkins.

December 9th, 08 Views: 28,901 Categories: South East England


The Clwyds

Hidden trails in Wales – some ancient, some so new they’re still warm.

December 9th, 08 Views: 12,492 Categories: Wales

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