Highland Wildcat Trail, Golspie

The Highland Wildcat trial at Golspie is a long, long way away from me, but I would quite happily do the 20hr round trip again to ride it again.

August 4th, 09 17 Categories: Northern Scotland, UK


Chipps explores the trails of Scotland with the help of the train…

December 9th, 08 0 Categories: Northern Scotland

The Cairngorms

Andy Mac and friends head to the Cairngorm National Park, tackling roots, rocks and rivers whilst alarming the locals.

December 9th, 08 Categories: Northern Scotland


The Moray Monster Trails are a result of collaboration between Forestry Enterprise (Moray), Moray Mountain Bike Club and others and are a linked network covering 30km of trails, graded from green to black, including a freeride section.

July 23rd, 08 4 Categories: Northern Scotland

Aonach Mor

Legend has it that the Witch of Leanachan (“lee-nach-an”) fled to the hills of Aonach Mor in the 1800s. Keeping her spooky spirit alive, the world-famous Witch’s Trails continue to bewitch mountain bikers. There are 45km of trail to tackle.

July 23rd, 08 0 Categories: Northern Scotland

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