IMG_2033 News

Just a few of the cyclocross bikes we saw on our travels...…

Sep 12th
An amplified version of the shot. Yep, definitely XX and definitely Gripshift. News

Spotted in Champery, where it did rather well...…

Sep 10th
_1100651 Fresh Goods

Sep 2nd
IMG_1778 News

...goes all 10speed. But that's not all...…

Aug 30th
mmm Video

Aug 4th
sram 2012 rock shox (3) Press Launch

New internally routed Rock Shox Reverb Stealth launches plus more detail on SRAM X0 DH…

Aug 28th
Small cage, Blackbox and you can't buy it. News

SRAM's new XO DH mech.…

Jun 15th
GF7U7666 News

Polished XO, 29er SID, chain guide and wider Truvativ bars…

Apr 17th
new mountain bike kit fresh goods singletrack (5) Fresh Goods

Two pages of shiny things, including big bikes, lovely big wheeled bikes, new tools, a new bible and a shock…

Apr 8th
Elixir9_Lever_3.4_Black-Ano News

News just in... New Elixir design and new rotors too.…

Mar 16th
_SIM9807 Fresh Goods

Plenty of brand spanking SRAM this week, with X7, X9, new SIDs, Revelations, Sektors and Lyriks plus more…

Feb 14th
IMG_3813 Press Launch

New SC finishes and some very light DH cranks and new BBs from SRAM…

Sep 3rd
rs2011sid Press Launch

SIDs go long, Revelations get carbon, 15mm everywhere..…

Jun 17th
X.0 crankarm Press Launch

We show you the new Rock Shox adjustable post, X.0, X.9 and X.7 10spd groups plus some new Avid Codes.…

Jun 17th
IMG_0497 Press Launch

Avid Code brakes get a makeover, as does Vivid, Elixir, Argyle and Shorty…

Aug 23rd
X9 in red. Possibly a little garish. There are three colours available. Press Launch

2011 SRAM will be 2x10 for X7, X9 and X0 join their existing XX.…

Aug 23rd
Untitled-5 News

News just in from SRAM - we're all going 10speed! Well, X-7 is...…

Mar 17th
XX_Ac5.JPG News

Get loads of kit from SRAM and Lowepro AND get your work printed in the mag!…

Mar 15th
100225_ 2x10 Website News

Feb 26th

How light? Weightweenies rejoice…

Jan 27th

Fresh Goods Friday…

Dec 18th

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