schwalbe addix rubber compound rocket ron dirty dan magic mary nobby nic racing ralph hans dampf News

Schwalbe claims ADDIX is the most advanced tyre rubber compound on planet earth. So what is it? We take a closer look…

Apr 19th 1
schwalbe airshot tubeless tyre pump air booster News

A new tubeless tyre inflator has been released by German brand Schwalbe following a collaboration with Welsh-based Airshot…

Oct 24th 9
DSC05289 News

Is 2.6in the tyre width to end all tyre widths? Wil investigates with some examples from Eurobike 2016 to see what may be coming…

Sep 20th 3
cutter News

For when your brand new tyre isn't good enough. Now you can trim and tune it by chopping rubber…

Jan 12th
DSC_0181 News

All the sauce this week from the dripping hot office Tamales. New bike gear, red hot, just for you…

Feb 26th
DSC_0324 News

Welcome here, my friends, to the show that never ends - it's the first Fresh Goods of 2016!…

Jan 8th
Greg's Cube Stereo News

Oct 3rd
DSC09597 News

Welcome here, my friends, to the show that never ends…

Aug 15th
DSC_0041 News

Another mouthwatering pile of ORSUM from Cove, Saracen, Hope, Schwalbe AND LOTS MORE!…

May 29th
fgf12 News

Minus R.W.G. and G.V.M. but with added Borg…

May 19th
CoreBike201506 News

A quick look at what was on offer at the Core Bike Show today from Schwalbe, Ibis, WTB, MRP…

Jan 28th
What tyres for the beach News

Here's Barney's most wanted for next year…

Dec 13th
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.25.19 News

Here's another pure dollop of unfettered Midweek Movies, champing at the bit and mixing metaphors like a bull at a gate…

Oct 15th
The outer chamber is filled with blue stuff only for demo purposes. That's the tubeless low pressure chamber. Trade Show

Schwalbe has developed a MTB tyre that features dual air chambers that it claims pretty much eliminates both pinches and burps.…

Aug 29th
Scott Trade Show

Here's a quick low down for all the fat fans out there.…

Aug 27th
At the heart of the system.
Actually, it is the system. News

Traction, meet protection…

Jul 2nd
Nobbier and Nicci
er News

Faster and grippier with improved SnakeSkin casing…

Jun 11th
One for retention, 
one for traction. News

Firm on the inside, squishy on the outside…

Feb 11th
IMG_1603 News

We're all out riding now if the plan has gone to, erm, plan. But we travelled back ion time to bring you the Fresh Goods. Or something.…

Nov 20th
IMG_9526 News

We know Schwalbe still makes 26in, but it wasn't exactly showing any. There is a 29in mud tyre though…

Aug 31st
DSC03032 Press Launch

New kit, new bikes, secret new USE components - and pies.…

Feb 14th

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