Eurobike 2015: MET and Bluegrass

Now, what news on the Rialto, Salarino? Dunno about the Rialto, but there’s a new helmet from MET – is that sort of Rialto enough? Not really, but it’s pretty nice – it’s the Lupo: The Lupo HES (which stands for Homothetic Embedded Skeleton, and helps dissipate the force of an impact throughout the helmet rather than […]

September 2nd, 15 0 251 Categories: applenews, Kit, News, Trade Show

Looks less peak-y in single colour

Hannah Barnes introduces MET Parabellum

British phenom and sci-fi enduro helmet from Italy

January 8th, 14 10,542 Categories: Kit, News


Fresh Goods Friday 162

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it the weekend? Just before we head out to meet it, here’s the Freshest of this week’s Fresh Goods

October 18th, 13 13,482 Categories: Fresh Goods, News

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