Mike Hall Sets New Divide Record

Great Divide record breaker Mike Hall interviewed minutes after the finish in his hotel room

June 24th, 16 3 8,125 Categories: News

Mike Hall Tour Divide

Tour Divide Record falls to Mike Hall

Tour Divide record looks set to fall. Follow the finish live!

June 24th, 16 0 8,325 Categories: News

Yep, we'd be smiling too.

Throw-back Thursday – Should I stay or should I grow?

Before he started galavanting around the world on his bike, Mike Hall was an early columnist for Singletrack

July 4th, 13 3,688 Categories: Online Feature, Premier

Picture thanks to Kathy Schoenderfer, Ovando MT.

Tour Divide 2013 – Are we nearly there yet?

Round-the-world record breaker Mike Hall smashes the Tour Divide race

June 29th, 13 8,411 Categories: Events, News

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