beard shaving Premier

Do fellow riders acknowledge your cheery greetings, or swiftly look at their front derailleur? If they have one…

Mar 10th
Issue63_orig_Page_028_Image_0001 Premier

Going all the way back to issue 63, Mike Ferrentino leaves the internet behind…

Aug 20th
There's a lot more to taking pictures than just, well, taking pictures Premier

Mike Ferrentino gives us an insight into what makes the perfect image…

Jul 16th
Issue68_Page_030_Image_0001 Premier

A parable about the folly of the collective wisdom of the internet, as summed up by Mike Ferrentino…

Mar 5th
Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 13.32.05 Premier

Mike Ferrentino steps back to look at how we’re evolving as a species. Or not……

Oct 1st
Trees, woods, seeing, etc Premier

Sometimes all the technology in the world just doesn't matter…

Dec 9th

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